Maison Rostang - Michelin 2-Star Restaurant PARIS

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Nestled in a charming neighbourhood in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, Maison Rostang distinguishes itself with its remarkable rankings. Not just one, but it bears the weight of two Michelin stars, an honour that immediately sets it apart. As if that wasn't enough, it's also rated three 'toques' by Gault & Millau. Whether you're planning a lavish dinner or a sophisticated lunch, the restaurant's outstanding credentials promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Step into Maison Rostang and find yourself enveloped in an atmosphere replete with historic luxury. The restaurant's unique decoration evokes a sense of grandeur and exquisiteness, transporting its guests back in time. Each salon within the establishment, be it the Art Nouveau or Lalique, adds a layer of intrigue and fascination. The tables meticulously arranged, contribute to the overall ambience of refinement and elegance.

The kitchen's heart and soul lies with the talented Chef Nicolas Beaumann. His commitment to perpetuating the tradition of taste synonymous with Maison Rostang, ensures that the culinary legacy of this esteemed institution continues. Beaumann's talent and dedication shine through in every dish he presents.

When it comes to the food and drinks, Maison Rostang has a masterfully curated menu that marries the classic with the inventive. Whether it's the quenelle de brochet soufflée, a beloved classic, or the enticing Saint-Pierre paired with aubergine and goat cheese, a more personal creation of Chef Beaumann, every course promises to be a revelation. If you're fortunate enough to secure a booking, don't miss out on the iconic 'Havana cigar' dessert, a perfect blend of cognac and marsala that has now become an institution. To accompany your meal, the sommelier is at your service, guiding you through their extensive wine selection.

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