Jean Paul Hévin: The Best Macarons in Paris

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Head to Paris to discover the best macarons!! Many beautiful gourmet houses offer delicious macarons: whether classic or original recipes, I have put together a great selection for your next Parisian stay!

Let's head to the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet Haussmann and more precisely to the Jean Paul Hévin stand.

The artisan chocolatier offers chocolate in all its forms but also has a selection of macarons.

We went for a Crème Brulée flavored macaron and another one with Super Amer chocolate. We started the tasting with the Crème Brulée: its vanilla cream ganache, milk chocolate and caramel flowing between two almond shells is a real delight!

We had a big crush on the Super Amer chocolate macaron with its intense flavor and very soft and creamy texture in the mouth. A real treat for chocolate lovers!

Florence Consul

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