Pur' - Jean-François Rouquette - Michelin 1-Star Restaurant PARIS

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Situated in a captivating neighbourhood of Paris, Pur' is a gem in the culinary scene. This Michelin 1-star restaurant, with a notable Gault & Millau 4-toques rating, is an outstanding destination for both lunch and dinner. Visitors often highlight the charm of the location, allowing for an enriched dining experience. The high rankings from reputable gastronomic guides indicate the quality and consistency that Pur' guarantees.

Upon entering Pur', the meticulously designed style and decoration immediately captivate. With an atmosphere that blends comfort and confidentiality, it is the quintessential spot for a cosy dinner. This elegant dining space, designed by Ed Tuttle, is a harmonious mix of colour and light. The restaurant's ambience is accentuated by a vast rotunda, crowned with a dome and encircled by a colonnade, creating a truly unique dining atmosphere.

The renowned chef, Jean-François Rouquette, is the mastermind behind Pur'. Known for his work at Taillevent, le Crillon, la Cantine des Gourmets, and Les Muses, Rouquette's culinary expertise is clearly reflected in Pur'. His expressive approach to cooking results in a menu that features a mix of creativity and authenticity.

Visitors to Pur' are treated to an innovative menu that focuses on highlighting excellent products. Each dish, whether it's a starter, main course, or dessert, offers a 'pur' pleasure to the palate. The restaurant also offers an array of exquisite drinks, including a carefully curated wine selection by their sommelier. With a well-studied wine list featuring a variety of grands crus from various regions, the pairing possibilities are virtually endless. In addition to this, the restaurant's booking process is smooth, further enhancing the overall dining experience. Lastly, one must not forget the restaurant's outstanding pastry chef, Narae Kim. Her magical and subtly sweet desserts, served with less sugar and innovative textures, leave a memorable impression.

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