Tomo: A Delicious Franco-Japanese Pastry Shop in Paris

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

It was in Japan that the young Frenchman Romain Gaia honed his skills in the closed world of wagashis, a small Japanese treat declined according to seasonal flavors, before returning to France. He then created Tomo with the idea of ​​democratizing the famous dorayaki and wagashis. His first store was located in the Saint-Anne district, a veritable Japanese enclave in the capital.

When Japan Meets France

The dorayaki is the true common thread of his creations, an essential dish of Japanese pastry that he can enhance and reinterpret according to French gastronomy. If you don't know this pastry, it's very simple: it consists of Japanese pancakes (which are incredibly soft) bound by a Anko paste (red bean). In his collection, we find the traditional dorayaki but also more elaborate creations such as the Paris-Kyoto which combines the sweetness of praline with roasted soy on a dorayaki base.

I had the pleasure of tasting several of these Franco-Japanese dorayaki and I must admit that it is a real success because we find the subtlety and know-how of Japanese pastries with the gourmet touch of French pastry.

For the summer, the Ume No Yume dorayaki was specially created for the occasion (mirabelles and plums, ume-shu, basil). In the mouth, it's fresh and delicious! I loved it! My husband opted for a must-try at Tomo: the whisky baba (dorayaki soaked in Nikka whisky and vanilla cream from Madagascar)! Very gourmet, a real little bomb!

On the wagashis side, Romain Gaia teamed up with the Japanese Takanori Murata who was the pastry chef at the Aida restaurant in Paris. Beyond perfect aesthetics, it is the subtlety of flavors that we appreciate in the wagashi and mochi sets.

© Tomo

The Tea Room

© Tomo
© Tomo

In the Opera boutique, in addition to take-out, you can sit in the tea room to taste these delicacies, accompanied by a Japanese tea like the genmaicha that I particularly like or simply a good sencha. There is also a lunch service with a single dish renewed according to the seasons. Pastry workshops are available several times a year, appointments not to be missed!

Practical Information

  • Taste these treats at home with delivery from Epicery
  • Odeon boutique: Open every day from 12pm to 7pm
  • Opera boutique: Open every day from 12pm to 7pm
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