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Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Enveloped in the heart of the esteemed Faubourg Saint-Honoré neighbourhood, Épicure boasts a prestigious status within Parisian gastronomy. Its reputation is deeply rooted in its high-class service, offering an unrivalled experience for both lunch and dinner. An essential gem in the culinary world, the restaurant is marked by three coveted Michelin stars and a 4-toque ranking by Gault & Millau. The ratings are a testament to its excellence and a promise of a remarkable dining experience.

The restaurant, tucked inside the iconic Bristol hotel, offers a mix of historic charm and modern elegance. Diners are invited into a space adorned with Louis XVI furniture, complemented by mirrors and large French windows that open to breathtaking views of a verdant garden. Every table is a stage where culinary art unfolds in a symphony of flavors. The atmosphere and ambience are tranquil and plush, setting a tone for a gastronomic journey into the realms of French cuisine.

At the helm of Épicure is Chef Eric Frechon, a visionary culinary artist whose roots in food trace back to his family's history with agriculture. Frechon's cuisine strikes a delicate balance between tradition and innovation. His immaculate technique and use of superb products are a testament to his mastery and dedication to the culinary arts.

The menu at Épicure is a captivating story written with every course. Each element, from starters to desserts, is meticulously curated, showcasing the culinary team's impressive technique and imagination. Standouts include a smoked potato mousseline starter, which despite a seemingly simple presentation, hides a wealth of complex flavours. The main course of Scottish salmon cooked at low temperature showcases a perfect balance between the fish and its accompanying fennel and cucumber. This exquisite journey culminates in a dessert of chocolate and chicory ice cream, offering an equilibrium of indulgence and lightness. Equally impressive is the wine list curated by the sommelier, it's an encyclopaedia of vintages from around the world. Although the indulgence comes at a price, it's commensurate with the level of excellence one can expect when booking a table at Épicure.

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