Le Grand Restaurant - Jean-François Piège in Paris - 2 Michelin Stars

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

It is in the heart of this intimate restaurant with only 25 seats that you can taste the twice-starred cuisine of Chef Jean-François Piège in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The contemporary decor includes a superb angled glass roof. This passionate cook reveals his immense experience and talent here.

In the dishes worth trying, the langoustine on the blackberry leaf is a delight as is the raw, shelled lobster with blackcurrant. The chef excels in cooking, particularly in his "modern stews", which bring traditional French cuisine back into the limelight.

As for desserts, one of the chef's signatures is the blanc-manger (an inverted floating island with a delicious vanilla custard at its heart), but his guests are also treated to his saffron chocolate.

The sublime wine cellar has no fewer than 80,000 references, and it is sommelier Baptiste Cavagna who best matches these delicious wines with the chef's creations.

The gastronomic restaurant is open from Monday to Friday, for lunch and dinner.

Florence Consul

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