La Maison du Chocolat: The Best Macarons in Paris

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Head to Paris to discover the best macarons!! Many beautiful gourmet houses offer delicious macarons: whether classic or original recipes, I have put together a great selection for your next Parisian stay!

We went to the elegant boutique in Madeleine to taste not their famous chocolates but their macarons.

The range of flavors is quite limited and focuses on chocolate and a few other flavors that go with it. We opted for a Bronte pistachio macaron, a Maracuja with black ganache and passion fruit pulp, and a last one with Quito Chocolate with an intense ganache of semi-bitter dark chocolate.

When tasting, I must admit that the chocolate is superbly enhanced! The texture is crispy on the outside while the ganache is ultra-soft and therefore very indulgent! We find what we love about chocolate, this enveloping, soft yet intense side, in short, a very nice house to taste macarons.

Florence Consul

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