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Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Nestled in the chic and historic neighbourhood of Invalides in Paris, Le Gabriel at La Réserve is more than just a dining spot. A proud recipient of two Michelin stars, it also boasts a stunning four toques from Gault & Millau. This luxurious restaurant, just a stone's throw away from the bustling Champs-Élysées, is a perfect spot for both an intimate lunch or a sophisticated dinner, offering an experience that resonates with the zeitgeist of contemporary dining. With its staggering Google rating of 4.6 and full marks on Tripadvisor, Le Gabriel promises a culinary journey unlike any other.

Stepping into Le Gabriel is akin to stepping into a captivating blend of the Second Empire and Belle Époque styles, tastefully decorated by Jacques Garcia. This historic house is not just a testament to good taste, but it's also a space that resonates with timelessness. The tables are immaculately laid out, inviting guests to settle in for a comforting experience. The overall ambience strikes a balance between opulence and warmth, creating an atmosphere that is as indulgent as it is inviting.

Behind the culinary prowess of Le Gabriel is the talented Chef Jérôme Banctel. His cooking is a celebration of craft, where sauces, cooking techniques, and the choice of produce hold central significance. His affinity with the artisans, such as his friend Desnoyers and the knowledgeable Olivier Derenne, is evident in the selection and preparation of his ingredients. The chef's journey through the kitchens of various renowned Parisian establishments, like Bernard Pacaud and Alain Senderens, has shaped his unique cooking style that is steeped in tradition yet innovative.

At Le Gabriel, the menu is a gastronomic adventure that connects the best of the world's cuisines. While you might find yourself tucking into a heart of artichoke cooked with lime or a perfectly smoked blue lobster, the cuisine never strays too far from its traditional roots. From starters to desserts, each course is thoughtfully put together, and reservations or bookings are highly recommended. The drinks menu is just as noteworthy, with a sommelier-curated wine list featuring the most exceptional wines from France and the world over. The restaurant's impeccable service and the delightful offerings make each meal at Le Gabriel a memorable one.

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