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Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Nestled within the heart of Paris, Table - Bruno Verjus commands a prominent position in the city's culinary scene. Renowned for both its coveted lunch and dinner options, the restaurant enjoys a superior status in the dining hierarchy, verified by the proud attainment of 2 Michelin Stars. Not to be overshadowed, it also basks in the praise of a 3-toque Gault & Millau rating, further reinforcing its culinary prestige. Regardless of the time of day, the rich flavours wafting from the kitchen will surely coax you into this revered neighbourhood establishment.

Stepping into the restaurant, patrons are greeted by a modern and chic decor, artistically marrying contemporary and traditional elements. The ambience is accentuated by meticulously arranged tables and thoughtfully curated fixtures. The open design of the kitchen allows guests to witness the orchestration of their meal, adding another layer of anticipation to the dining experience. Combined with the gentle, welcoming atmosphere, the stage is set for an exceptional gastronomic journey.

At the helm of this culinary adventure is Bruno Verjus, a former entrepreneur, blogger, and gastronomic critic. With an unyielding passion for sourcing the finest produce, he cooks with humility and absolute respect for the ingredients, never hesitating to acknowledge the contributions of his suppliers. Chef Verjus believes in letting the quality of his ingredients take centre stage, highlighting their natural flavours rather than overpowering them. His style of cuisine demonstrates a commitment to authenticity and culinary excellence.

The food and drinks at Table - Bruno Verjus are an ode to the chef's devotion to quality. Diners can embark on a gastronomic journey through the restaurant's extensive menu, with choices spanning from exquisite starters to delectable desserts. Signature dishes include the flash-cooked scallops and long-roasted lamb, each course thoughtfully paired with an impeccable wine selection. The sommelier ensures a seamless harmony between the food and wine, elevating the overall dining experience. Do remember to make a booking to secure your spot at this esteemed establishment, and prepare to be mesmerized by the taste and presentation of each dish.

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