Ladurée: The Best Macarons in Paris

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Head to Paris to discover the best macarons! Many beautiful gourmet houses offer delicious macarons: whether classic or original recipes, I have put together a great selection for your next Parisian stay!

Among the many Parisian boutiques that Ladurée has, I set my sights on the one in Madeleine to taste their famous macarons.

Rich with a history that began in 1862, Ladurée is an institution known worldwide for its macarons.

As for flavors, classic tastes are alongside more original ones like orange blossom and the famous Marie-Antoinette tea, which we set our sights on.

Upon tasting, for the first macaron, the orange blossom aroma is too present for my taste and lacks a bit of subtlety. As for the Marie-Antoinette tea macaron, it is absolutely delicious, the texture is perfect, and the taste is unique.

Florence Consul

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