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Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Tucked away in the very chic neighbourhood of Chaillot, Substance has become a notable presence for culinary aficionados. Whether it's for a business lunch or an intimate dinner, this establishment, recognized for its distinctive offerings, is a coveted dining spot. This Michelin 1-star restaurant has not only earned its star but also an impressive 3-toque rating from Gault & Millau. Moreover, the high rankings from both Google and TripAdvisor further amplify its well-deserved reputation.

Upon entering Substance, you're greeted with an enchanting ambiance that harmoniously marries modern style with refined decorations. The overall atmosphere of elegance and graphic artistry is further heightened by the tastefully adorned tables, creating an irresistible charm that only adds to the overall dining experience.

The magic behind Substance's reputation is none other than its talented chef, Matthias Marc. With his impressive background in various prestigious establishments and his notable participation in Top Chef 2021, Chef Marc brings a unique blend of creativity and dedication to every dish served.

The menu at Substance is where Chef Marc's magic truly unfolds. Each course, from the starter to the main and dessert, reflects a meticulous choice of fresh, seasonal ingredients. The unique combinations, such as haddock with cream of horseradish and muscat, or trout crusted with seeds and confit celery, are undeniably memorable. The well-curated wine list, presented by an experienced sommelier, complements the courses exquisitely. Bear in mind, a booking is advisable to fully experience the flavors that this restaurant has to offer.

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