La Scène- Michelin 2-Star Restaurant PARIS

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Florence Consul

Nestled in the prestigious neighbourhood of Matignon, 'La Scène' has made a name for itself in the gastronomical landscape of Paris. With a solid 4.7 Google rating, a commendable 4.5 from Tripadvisor, and boasting 2 Michelin stars and 4 Gault & Millau toques, it has earned its place amongst Paris's culinary gems. Whether it's for a mid-day lunch or an intimate dinner, 'La Scène' delivers an exceptional dining experience.

Upon stepping into 'La Scène', guests are greeted by a superbly designed space. With an open kitchen that puts the culinary process on display, the restaurant embraces a unique, dynamic ambiance. The setup offers an engaging, visually entertaining dining atmosphere. Please note that the restaurant's main dining area is located in the basement, while a more casual bistrot style dining option is available at the ground level.

The brilliance behind 'La Scène' is attributed to Stéphanie Le Quellec. A seasoned chef who gained significant recognition by winning the second edition of Top Chef, she has managed to redefine the Parisian culinary scene. Although not always at the helm of the kitchen, her vision and skill are palpable in each meticulously prepared dish.

With a menu that could be likened to a theatre's playbill, aptly named 'L'affiche', diners are taken on a sensory journey with each course. Starters such as the crab served in its grey shrimp broth set the stage for a memorable dining experience. The main dishes range from the luxurious 'pain mi-perdu, mi-soufflé' filled with Pompadour potatoes and topped with a generous layer of Kristal caviar, to a faultless sweetbread dish accompanied by tomatoes, black olives, black truffles, and artichokes. The meal concludes with a flurry of exquisite desserts crafted by the talented pastry chef, Pierre Chirac. The wine list is not to be overlooked either, with a compelling selection recommended by an experienced sommelier. Please note, advance booking is highly recommended to secure a table at this culinary hotspot.

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