Pierre Hermé: The best macarons in the world

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

It’s difficult to describe in words what I feel when I taste a Hermé macaron : happiness, ecstasy, pleasure, discovery, here are a few of the feelings that overwhelm me for this short moment ! The macarons master excels not only in the preparation of these little sweet treats but also in crafting chocolates, pastries and other sweet things that are difficult to resist !

Who is Pierre Hermé ?

Born in 1961, Pierre Hermé gained his experience in the best addresss in the capital such as Fauchon and Ladurée before creating his own company in 1997. His success was immediate in Japan where he first established himself, but also in France where he opened his shop in 2001 on 72 rue Bonaparte in the Saint Germain quarter. And this is his story ! But it should be noted that in Paris these high quality pastries are found throughout the city and the place in the sun is expensive ! However this did not prevent the dazzling ascent of this pastry chef who established himself as one of the best macaron makers in the world.

During my travels in the capital, it is impossible to resist the call of these marvelous sweets ! 72 rue Bonaparte is is therefore an essential address for my Parisien adventures. Although there are many shops in Paris, those on the left bank and the 15ème arrondissement are the only offering both macarons, chocolates but also pastries.

What makes this pastry so special ?

What makes the house of Pierre Hermé so addictive is the renewal of his creations : each season is conducive to new flavors and each tradition is a playground for the famous chef to revisit the recipe. For example, to celebrate 2016 epiphany, the pastry chef offered a revisited galette : rice pudding and candied citrus fruits,the perfect way to marry tradition and modernity !

For Christmas, we also have specially created macarons for the occasion : chocolate/foie gras but also marron glacé or lemon/caviar, an amazing way to challenge your senses !

It’s really his strong point : the constant change in his collection, such as ready to wear that ensures the consumer never gets bored and wants to return. There are also flavors that permanently remain on the menu such as Mogador, milk chocolate and passion fruit, which is my favorite !

Where can we try this ?

To indulge yourself, go to one of the shops in the capital, there are about a dozen in Paris to taste his creations. During your stays overseas, you can also find a shop as was my case for example at the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto. His international establishment is vast, the United Kingdom, China, Thailand, … do not hesitate to have a look on the internet to find out the addresses. There is also the online shop and home shipping for certain of his products, not for the pastries but for the macarons, cakes, chocolates, … you can place an order and have it delivered !

Pierre Hermé collaborates with certain hotels who offer his pastries in their restaurants. The Royal Monceau has even opened a chocolate bar in its luxury Parisien hotel and offers hot drinks and sweets ! Don't worry, it’s on my bucket list and I will definitely let you know once I have discovered this place !

A little word of advice to end off : for those who have never tasted Pierre Hermé’s macarons, pay a visit to one of his shops for a culinary discovery that will be rich in emotions !

Practical information

  • For those who love pastries, you can try his recipes thanks to his numerous books.
  • For Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or for any other occasion, think about ordering from the online store to send an original and tasty gift !
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