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Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Right at the heart of the illustrious Champs-Elysées neighbourhood in Paris, one would discover a gastronomic gem, Le Taillevent, a restaurant deeply rooted in French culinary tradition. Attracting both locals and tourists seeking the ultimate Parisian lunch or dinner experience, the restaurant boasts a 2-star Michelin rating and a 3 toques Gault & Millau score. The consistently high ratings from Google (4.7) and TripAdvisor (4.5) further testify to the gastronomic wonder that awaits within.

Stepping into Le Taillevent, one is instantly transported to a realm of classic elegance. Once the private home of the Duke of Morny in the 19th century, this former mansion exudes a feeling of refined exclusivity. Precious objects, polished wood panelling, and tasteful decor blend seamlessly to create an atmosphere of timeless luxury. Every detail, down to the tables, has been curated to enhance the dining experience and set the stage for the culinary journey to follow.

The magic behind Le Taillevent's exquisite dishes is Chef Giuliano Sperandio, who was formerly second to Christophe Pelé. Sperandio brings a fresh breath of air to the restaurant, delicately integrating his Italian touch into the traditional French cuisine, whilst keeping some of the restaurant's iconic dishes intact.

As for the food and drinks, the menu is a work of art. Booking in advance is advised to secure the chance to taste delicacies such as the frog legs amuse-bouche, the legendary 'boudin de langoustines', or the sole Melba with cauliflower and caviar. The dining experience unfolds course by course, with starters, mains and desserts presented as individual masterpieces. Not to be forgotten is the sommelier's expert guidance through a wine list that has been considered a strong point of the restaurant for decades, consistently renewing with a coherent glass offering.

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