Parisian Elegance at the Villa Haussmann

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

In early April, I was pleased to have the chance to explore a new Parisian hotel that only opened its doors in December 2016. With its prestigious location in the heart of the 8th arrondissement, one of the most chic neighborhoods in the capital, the Villa Haussmann is a 43-room establishment that embodies Parisian life. Follow me for a guided tour!

When you arrive in front of this imposing and majestic building, you can’t help but fall under its spell. If, like me, you’re a fan of Haussmann-style architecture, you won’t be disappointed! This building is a perfect homage to the Baron Haussmann, whose statue stands proudly in front of it.

A Lobby That Sets the Scene

As soon as you enter into the lobby, you’ll be captivated by the hotel’s completely original style. The stakes were high for the interior architect Patrick Ribes, who was able to build on the Second Empire style and create a resolutely modern and urban hotel. And that’s absolutely what you feel when you walk into the lobby: a red velvet bench with contemporary contours sits juxtaposed with a period painting displaying the Empress Eugénie and her ladies-in-waiting. Black and white paving stones, typical of the era, are the perfect finish to a sophisticated look.

43 Brightly-Lit and Refined Rooms

Once check-in is complete, I head straight for my Deluxe room. I’m rather surprised when I step out of the elevator, as there’s a remarkable contrast between the darkened hallways leading up to the sleeping quarters and my room, which is extremely well-lit.

My first impression upon arrival: we’re overlooking the boulevard, with a splendid view of the nearby buildings (our corner room has two enormous windows) but I’m afraid it’s going to be noisy… but don’t be fooled! I myself am surprised! The rooms are very well soundproofed (the windows are double-paned after all) and you can enjoy the view without having to contend with the noise. It’s so quiet, we could hear a fly pass by. Very impressive!

In this 25 m² room (270 ft²), the style is clean and staunchly contemporary. As for the other room categories, there are three junior suites as well as two large suites called Octavie and Eugénie, a nod to the Second French Empire. In addition to the most comfortable conditions possible and a greater surface area, these suites offer an incredible view of Paris’s best-known monuments in the distance.

A Downstairs Relaxation Area

I continue to explore the hotel by spending a moment in the relaxation area. On the hotel’s basement level, there’s a pool and a fitness room. Needless to say, I’m essentially focused on testing the pool! It has a very original look, with a stainless steel structure and a huge trompe l’oeil chandelier. This place allows you to disconnect from the Parisian frenzy and relax, perhaps after having visited the museums and other wonders on offer in Paris.

The N3, Lounge-Bar-Restaurant

The hotel features a bar-restaurant, named the N3, which at noon transforms into a typical Parisian brasserie. In the evening, you can enjoy the bar-lounge and its colorful armchairs with cocktail appetizers and mixed drinks made with old alcohols. One decorative element really makes a splash: an impressive, transparent wine cellar takes center stage in the room and gives it an incredibly modern touch.

This evening, my husband and I enjoy a glass of champagne from Billecart Salmon (one of my favorite brands) along with several appetizers before going out for dinner.   

Time for Breakfast

Breakfast is served buffet-style, and on the menu are sweet and savory dishes, all of excellent quality. The croissants are delicious (we are in Paris after all!) as are the other cakes and pastries. It’s the sort of meal you might expect from this kind of establishment to recharge your batteries before heading out for another full day.

The Verdict

While it is extremely modern, this newly-opened hotel in the nation’s capital tells a story. It’s always pleasant as a guest in a luxury establishment to feel that there’s a background, a message that the interior architect was able to adapt to today’s world. The Villa Haussmann is an unhesitatingly urban hotel and the perfect place for a couple’s weekend getaway.

I loved:

  • The flawless soundproofing in the rooms
  • The beautiful Haussmann-style façade
  • I disliked:

  • The bathroom, which was small for my taste, especially in a Deluxe-category room
  • The personnel, which was a bit sub-standard for what I’d have expected
  • Practical information

  • 132 boulevard Haussman, 75008 Paris
  • Reserve your room with Booking
  • Deluxe Room from 280€ per night in this begin of April.
  • Look at the last offers on their website
  • A big thank you to the Villa Haussmann for their invitation to explore their establishment and to the Pascal Venot agency. Of course, the remarks and observations in this blog post are all my own!

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