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Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Nestled between the picturesque quays of the Left Bank and bustling St-Germain Boulevard, Alliance sits as a gem in the neighbourhood. An ideal locale for both a casual lunch rendezvous or an intimate dinner, this establishment holds an impressive Gault & Millau rating of 3 toques and a Michelin star to its name. The establishment's allure transcends mere ratings, commanding high praise and a 4.8 rating from Google users, and a full 5 from those on Tripadvisor. Truly, it's a beacon of gastronomical delight.

The style, decoration and ambience of Alliance resonate with the perfect harmony of sophistication and comfort. The dining area is minimalist with subtle Japanese touches, creating an environment that marries aesthetic appeal with tranquillity. Diners feel at home while immersing themselves in the premium dining experience, the perfect stage for the unfolding culinary drama. The inviting atmosphere, seen through the restaurant's transparent kitchen glass, allows guests to observe the meticulous preparation of each dish, creating a unique ambiance.

At the helm of Alliance's culinary orchestra is Master Chef Toshitaka Omiya. His partner-in-dine, Shawn Joyeux, directs the impeccable service to form a formidable Alliance for customer delight. Chef Omiya's gastronomical philosophy is one of authenticity, preferring truth to artificiality. His seasonal creations are a testament to this belief, going straight to the heart of flavour and presentation.

Patrons of Alliance are treated to a symphony of culinary delights. Each course, from the starters to the mains and ending with the dessert, are expertly curated. An exquisite example includes the Racan poultry, served with lobster coral, touted as a house specialty. Every dish is complemented by a choice selection from the vast wine cellar, thanks to the expert guidance of the sommelier and the well-executed menu. For those with a sweet tooth, Pastry Chef Morgane Raimbaud's confections are a fitting finale to a gastronomical journey. Bookings are advised to secure a place in this culinary adventure.

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