The return of Dita Von Teese to the Crazy Horse

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

It’s already been 10 years since the famous Dita Von Teese made her first appearance on the Parisian scene of the Crazy Horse : and unfortunately in 2006 I learned that she would be stopping performances … what a pity ! So, when in January I learned that she was making a come back, let me tell you that I booked my tickets immediately; I wasn’t going to miss this event !

There is nothing better to mark the 65 years of the Crazy Horse than the return of a phenomenon in the strip tease domain and I have nominated Dita Von Tease. For those of you who do not know her, she is 43 year-old American, ex-wife of Marilyn Manson, who is a world icon of stripping. With a very pale complexion and long black eyelashes just like her black hair, she cultivates an absolutely retro style which suits her marvelously. The first guest star to have made her appearance on the mythical Parisian stage, she was back from 15 to 30 March 2016 for 33 exceptional shows.

Dita toute en beauté pour la première

This is a small video to getting into the environment :

Saturday 19 March, it is 23h30 when we enter the theatre. I am surprised by the small size of the theatre, which makes it very intimate, a plush atmosphere with its carpet and its red furnishings, in summary, it’s already very glamourous.

La salle du Crazy Horse
En attendant le début ...

For her “Dita's Crazy Show“, she had free reign to develop the various scenes : on the program of this unique show, we find the best series of Crazy girls associated with Dita’s iconic scenes. For example, she has readapted her famous show “The bath”, which has been my favorite show.

This was the first time that I have seen a burlesque show by the famous American and what surprised me is her unusual sensuality : although the girls of Crazy are very glamorous, Dita is incomparable and she ignites the stage in a very sensual but never vulgar show. It should be said that the show is extremely well choreographed and contributes to making her even more iconic.

Dita et les filles su Crazy (crédit : Paris Capitale)

To make the evening even better, we enjoyed a bottle of champagne during the show. An excellent evening in a glamorous atmosphere !

Et du champagne pour agrémenter la soirée !

Practical informations

  • The Crazy Horse website to book your seats
  • Show times : Sundays to Fridays : 20:15 and 22:45 / Saturdays : 19:00, 21:30 et 23:45
  • 1h30 Show with 10 minutes interval
  • I booked a Crazy Champagne Guest ticket at 140€ which includes a bottle of champagne for 2 people.
  • Taking photos is not allowed during the show which is why my article has very little photos, to my great regret !
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