The Shangri-La Paris: A Luxury Hotel with an Incredible Eiffel Tower View

Situated in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, the Shangri-La is a veritable institution in Parisian luxury hospitality. From the moment I walked in, I was dazzled by this historic building, full of antique charm. But the best part, the thing that really makes this hotel unique, is the view – without a doubt one of the best in the world! This Parisian paradise swept me off my feet!

First and foremost, the Shangri-La is in a fantastic location, in the very chic and residential 16th arrondissement. Situated only a few blocks away from the famous designer houses on the Avenue Montaigne, the hotel is above all a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower, separated only by the Seine. Formerly the private mansion of Roland Bonaparte, this prestigious building, classified among France’s Monuments Historiques, is truly splendid. It’s also brimming with history; as soon as you enter the hotel, you can see signs of a prosperous period everywhere, including elegant alcoves, marble floors, crown molding, gilding, and silky fabrics.

Formerly Roland Bonaparte’s mansion, this place is full of history (© Shangri-La Paris)

Magnificent Décor

Our stay was off to a good start, with a private check-in in one of the hotel’s beautiful salons – a highly exclusive greeting! And with its 100 rooms, including 37 suites, the building offers a festival of refinement! Interior decorator Pierre-Yves Rochon chose natural, high-quality materials to breathe new life into the mansion. His design combines the hotel’s Parisian chic perfectly with several Asia-inspired accents, emphasizing the Shangri-La group’s Hong Kong origins. Most rooms offer an extraordinary view of the Eiffel Tower, the height of Parisian romanticism (especially when the tower is sparkling!).

The minute you walk in, it’s a festival of refinement! (© Shangri-La Paris)

(© Shangri-La Paris)

And a View That Will Leave You Breathless

Time to discover my Eiffel view room. It features French interior design with pale tones and an abundance of natural materials such as the marble bathroom. And it is pure bliss to be so close to the city’s most emblematic monument. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, especially before dinner when we enjoyed a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne, or when I was splashing around in the bath!

Welcome to my Eiffel view room!

I could admire the view of the famous tower from the bathroom…

Or with a glass of champagne in hand!

At night, when it sparkled!

An absolutely delicious breakfast!

I had the privilege of visiting the most prestigious suite, named the Shangri-La, which costs at least 22,000 € a night! But for that price, you get to enjoy the 100 m² terrace with a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, as well as a lavish apartment. There’s a reason why the Shangri-La is included in a very exclusive club of 25 luxury hotels; it has every asset necessary to be a flagship of French hospitality.

The best suite in the establishment has a 100 m² terrace! (© Shangri-La Paris)

Chi, the Spa: One of the Best in Paris

In the afternoon, we gave ourselves a break from the Parisian frenzy at the hotel’s spa. Its 15-meter pool, decorated with Italian mosaics and bathed in natural light, invites guests to indulge in a swim. We spent several hours splashing around the pool and lounging in our deckchairs – a pure delight! The treatments on offer (which I didn’t have time to try) feature products from the English brand The Organic Pharmacy.

A 15-meter pool with beautiful natural lighting – the perfect spot to lounge about for a few hours! (© Shangri-La Paris)

A Culinary Journey

A variety of dining options are available at the hotel, including the restaurant La Bauhinia, which with its round dining room topped with an Eiffel-style glass dome looks like a winter garden. Guests can enjoy either French or southeast Asian cuisine here, another nod to the Shangri-La group’s origins. Our set menu included a salad with king shrimp, mango, papaya, pineapple, and cucumber, reminding us of Indonesia, followed by a shrimp Pad Thai that transported us back to Thailand. For dessert, we gave in to the French pastries on offer, including a strawberry shortcake and a calisson de Provence flavored with orange blossom, both of them absolutely delicious!

The restaurant La Bauhinia with its winter garden look (© Shangri-La Paris)

The salad with king shrimp, mango, papaya, pineapple, and cucumber

The pad thaï

And we stayed with France for the dessert!

The calisson de Provence with orange blossom was incredible!

Guests interested in finer dining have two options: either the restaurant L’Abeille in which chef Christophe Moret serves two-starred French cuisine, or the Shang Palace, the only Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in France. Chef Samuel Lee proposes delicious Cantonese cuisine in an Asia-inspired setting.

The restaurant L’Abeille, with two Michelin stars (© Shangri-La Paris)

Shang Palace, featuring Michelin-starred Cantonese cuisine (© Shangri-La Paris)

The Bar Selection

Residents of Paris need not be disappointed – they too can take advantage of the Shangri-La for a few hours. Le Bar à ciel ouvert (“Open-Air Bar”) by Krug is the perfect example; it’s the best way to relax with a glass of champagne in hand, enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower from the famous terrace of room 410 (open from June to October). Another option: the Bar Botaniste, with a menu full of never-before-seen cocktails featuring flavors from all over the world.

The Bar Botaniste (© Shangri-La Paris)

The Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

For fans of sweet treats, the 100% vegan Afternoon Tea by pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti is perfect for you! This vegan tea-time came into being in 2015, when the health food wave first hit the Shangri-La. It’s an ambitious undertaking, as the chef has to overcome numerous constraints while still producing tasty desserts. I had the pleasure of trying the Afternoon Tea, and it was absolutely delicious! I couldn’t even tell that the pastries were vegan. Impressive! 

The 100% vegan Afternoon Tea, a perfect score!

The Verdict

The Shangri-La absolutely deserves its place among the best-ranked Parisian hotels. The former mansion’s historic charm, enhanced by its elegant French interior design with several Asian accents, is truly enchanting. But the highlight here is obviously the opportunity to gaze at the city’s most emblematic monument, the Eiffel Tower, which is always thrilling to see! Another key advantage? The gourmet dining on offer, with two Michelin-starred restaurants as well as La Bauhinia, which proposes both French and Asian cuisine. Don’t miss out on this Parisian pied-à-terre!

I loved:

  • The view! It’s super romantic and symbolic of Paris!
  • The beautiful French interior design perfectly enhances this former mansion
  • The upscale gastronomy on offer

I disliked:

  • The Asian-style dishes at the restaurant La Bauhinia weren’t of the same high quality as this establishment

Practical Information

  • More information available on their website
  • Room with an Eiffel Tower view: 1500 €/night in early August 2018

Thank you to the Shangri-La Paris for the invitation to explore their establishmentOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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