Breathtaking View on a Vacation for Two: Welcome to Chateau Eza

For years I’ve repeatedly told myself that I must see the little villages along the Côte d’Azur.  I’ve finally checked it off my list, and I certainly don’t regret my delightful escapade from this past May! While there, I discovered the village of Eze, perched on a rocky cliff. I settled down for a stay at the beautiful Hotel Chateau Eza, which not only offers an extraordinary panorama of the sea 400 meters below, but is also the perfect destination for a romantic getaway! I’ll tell you all about my wonderful evening there!

The village of Eze (© Chateau Eza)

The Allure of a Place Brimming with History

The Chateau Eza’s first good feature is its ideal location along the coast: Monaco is only 15 minutes away by car, and Nice only half an hour, making Eze the perfect base for exploring the region. As we arrive, we can admire the beautiful little hilltop village, which has plenty of charm. We leave our car and luggage with the valet at the base of the town, then begin our journey upwards toward the hotel; it can only be accessed on foot, requiring a small walk of about ten minutes. This allows us to explore the little streets and viewing points over the sea—a lovely introduction! We follow the signs as if on a scavenger hunt until we find our hidden treasure, a luxury boutique hotel with only 14 rooms.

Welcome to Chateau Eza, following a ten-minute walk

A charming medieval village

A walk through the village in early evening, when the tourists have left!

Built over 400 years ago, it’s an establishment endowed with a rich history that has quickly gathered a contingent of historical architecture fans, like me.  For example, it was the vacation home for the royal Swedish family before being bought by André Rochas, a wealthy Genevan who transformed the building into a restaurant and luxury hotel.

Our welcome cocktail: a greeting ritual that immediately introduces us to the view!

Charming, with a Great View – a Perfect Recap for the Hotel’s 14 Rooms

The rooms and suites here each have a unique style and feeling. They are perfectly integrated into the old building, and most of them feature a few visible stones. My stay will be in the Deluxe “Eza” room, which absolutely sweeps me off my feet; it’s the former library of the prince of Sweden, and you can still see some of his books on the shelves. The wood paneling has also been preserved, enhanced by antique furniture, a fireplace, and high-quality natural materials: we’re immediately transported back several centuries, much to my delight! But the highlight is without a doubt the balcony, which offers an extraordinary view of the coast. It’s impossible to lose interest – the scenery is almost unreal. As for the bathroom, it’s certainly not very spacious, but the window offering a view of the sea from the shower easily makes up for that.

My Deluxe room “Eza”

It’s the former library of the prince of Sweden

The bathroom

As for the suites, they all have a large terrace, and some of them even feature an outdoor jacuzzi. For those looking for a couples’ getaway, you can’t do better than this! It’s no surprise to learn that many marriage proposals have taken place at this establishment; seeing how romantic the atmosphere is, I completely understand why. 

The Gourmet Restaurant: My Personal Favorite!

In the evening, we head to the gourmet restaurant at Chateau Eza. We take a seat near the glass patio doors, enjoying the breathtaking panoramic view. During the high season, guests can take advantage of the little balconies and alcoves for an even better view. Here we’re delighted by French and Mediterranean cuisine from the new chef, Matthieu Gasnier, who’s only just arrived in 2018. He has worked in numerous starred restaurants in the region, so this should be an evening of exciting culinary discovery!

The beautiful sundeck at the start of the high season (© Chateau Eza)

Our table with a view!

Before dinner, we of course indulge in a glass of champagne, accompanied by a plate of hors-d’oeuvres. For guests looking to try a variety of dishes, it’s best to order from the tasting menu (“menu degustation”), as we choose to do! And right from the beginning of our meal, the quality is truly excellent: the “Avruga Caviar and Organic Egg” is sublime. A beautifully presented dish, it’s as attractive as it is tasty, and I’m completely enchanted by this first course! Since we’re on the coast, the meal continues with a skipjack tuna ceviche, followed by a John Dory infused with citrus flavors. Fresh and delicious, the tasting menu gives prominence to seafood. Each dish is impeccably presented, and a marvel for our taste buds! Next on the menu is a veal fillet with asparagus and morels, and I’m delighted by these seasonal products cooked to perfection.

A glass of champagne to celebrate this marvelous place!

The hors d’oeuvres

My favorite dish: «Avruga Caviar and Organic Egg »

The skipjack tuna ceviche … with the sunset!

The John Dory infused with citrus flavors

The veal fillet with asparagus and morels

Now for the cheese! We’re brought a lovely assortment of products, all from local producers. To finish our meal, I adore the pre-dessert, with exotic flavors like roasted mango and allspice. But the dessert is another masterpiece: a baba with berries, striking up the perfect balance between rum and fruit, and a true pleasure that I enjoy right down to the last bite. I’m completely enchanted by chef Matthieu Gasnier’s cuisine, and while his restaurant doesn’t have a star yet, I won’t be the least bit surprised if next year it earns a place in the Michelin Guide.


The baba with berries, striking up the perfect balance between rum and fruit

Mini-pastries to finish our meal

The Show Stopper: Breakfast with a View

After a sound night of sleep, there’s nothing like eating a sunny breakfast on our balcony! We have only to place our order, wait 20 minutes or so, and then we’re happily seated on our splendid terrace. The marvelous view makes waking up much easier, and I’d love to see it every morning! We’ve opted for a full continental breakfast, and of course we remember to bring our sunglasses along: the sun is strong on this early April morning, but we’re not complaining!

A view that will leave you breathless, perfect for starting the day!

The Verdict

Located only a stone’s throw away from Monaco and other interesting landmarks along the Côte d’Azur, Eze is a little village that’s ideal for a romantic getaway. And there’s nothing like Chateau Eza for extending your visit, with its idyllic panoramic view. It’s the perfect spot for a couples’ weekend, featuring incredibly charming rooms, an extraordinary seascape, and an excellent gourmet restaurant that will be talked about for months and even years to come.

I loved:

  • The view: a must! One of the most beautiful I’ve seen in Europe!
  • The charming little village, a wonderful place to walk at the end of the day when the tourists have gone home
  • The delightful bedroom, a perfect reflection of the village itself

I disliked:

  • The room service breakfast could have been better: our order was not correct, and we were disappointed by the quality of certain products

Practical Information

  • “Eza” Room starting at 550 € (breakfast included) in early April 2018
  • Tasting Menu for 125 €
  • More information available on their website

Thank you to the the Château Eza for the invitation to explore their establishmentOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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