Prince de Galles, an Art Deco Gem in the French Capital

(© Prince de Galles)

Paris, August 2018. We continued our 5-star tour of Paris with a singular establishment. For starters, this hotel’s style sets it apart in the French capital. No more 18th-century décor and classic furniture; the Prince de Galles is a gem from the Art Deco period. Following its two-year renovation, I had the pleasure of exploring this absolutely beautiful hotel, a decisively modern establishment with its own haute cuisine.

You couldn’t imagine a better location for a 5-star in Paris: Prince de Galles is situated in the “Triangle d’Or,” or more exactly on the chic Avenue Georges V. The Avenue Montaigne, with plenty of luxury shopping opportunities, is right next door, as is the famous Champs-Elysées. This Luxury Collection Hotels member came into being in the midst of the Roaring Twenties, and features the era’s iconic style: Art Deco! Just as elegant now as it was when it opened, this luxury hotel has charmed visitors throughout the years who prefer a more intimate, human-scale atmosphere, with only 159 rooms.

A Facelift to Recapture the Splendor of Days Gone By

To breathe new life into the hotel and bring it up to Parisian 5-star standards, the Prince de Galles received a makeover under the guidance of two globally renowned interior architects. Pierre-Yves Rochon directed work on the lobby and rooms, while Bruno Borrione was in charge of the restaurant, bar, and courtyard. In 2013, two years later, the hotel reopened with great fanfare, with its Art Deco style boldly on display.

Bruno Borrione coordinated the renovation for the restaurant, bar, and courtyard, with dazzling results (© Prince de Galles)

Art Deco in Every Room

Next stop, my suite for the night. Along the way, I meandered down several long hallways featuring huge black and white prints of photos from retro issues of Vogue magazine. Certainly an attractive touch!

Amidst 44 suites in the Prince de Galles, I hung my hat in the Mosaic Suite: 45 m², with 1930s-era influences from the living area to the separate bedroom. It’s chic and modern, offering a certain sobriety with light and pastel tones enhanced by ebony furniture. In the bathroom, the Art Deco look is on full display with superb black and gold mosaics. The suite continues onto a balcony overlooking the courtyard, a nice quiet place to settle down in peace. We took advantage of the calm atmosphere the following morning to enjoy a private breakfast.

The bedroom in my Mosaic Suite: chic and modern style

The bathroom, where the Art Deco look is on full display

A fantastic welcome platter

Breakfast in the sun, in the privacy of my own suite

Michelin-starred Restaurant, “La Scène”

In Paris, 5-star hotel rhymes with haute cuisine, and the Prince de Galles is no exception! Chef Stephanie Le Quellec, winner of the 2011 season of Top Chef, is at the helm of the restaurant “La Scène.” This signature establishment at the Prince de Galles, awarded one Michelin star, offers modern French cuisine. From the dining room with its 48 place settings, guests can admire the chef in her open kitchen, a lovely modern touch for this gourmet restaurant. Unfortunately for us, the month of August has its pitfalls; while Paris is calmer, a number of restaurants, including La Scène, close for vacation.

The dining room with its open kitchen adds to the restaurant’s atmosphere (© Prince de Galles)

The chef Stephanie Le Quellec is at the helm of this Michelin-starred restaurant (© Prince de Galles)

Along with “Le Patio,” a More Casual Alternative

We opted for “Le Patio” in the end and we weren’t disappointed; the sublime setting is worth a visit in and of itself! Mosaic colonnades, teak floors, marble, palm trees… the indoor courtyard at the Prince de Galles is a jewel of the Art Deco period. In 2018, the restaurant will offer Lebanese cuisine until the end of September, with flavors that will take guests on a journey. Lebanese chef Hussein Hadid collaborated with Stephanie Le Quellec to develop a series of astonishing recipes. We absolutely adored the Za’atar roasted lamb chops, grilled eggplant, and Sayadieh risotto: a true delicacy!

The courtyard is a jewel of the Art Deco period (© Prince de Galles)

Lebanese cuisine including Za’atar roasted lamb chops, grilled eggplant, and Sayadieh risotto

For dessert, we discovered the work of pastry chef Nicolas Paciello. This energetic young man is not only extremely kind, but he also delighted us with his sweet treats. For Le Patio (he also makes desserts for the Michelin-starred restaurant), the pastry chef concocted an assortment of classic confections: an incredibly light berry Pavlova, a millefeuille, and an exquisite chocolate cake. To prolong the pleasure, I had only to return to try the famous tea time, where all of Paris comes to indulge in terribly addictive desserts.

Dessert by pastry chef Nicolas Paciello

And his delicious afternoon tea!

Original Cocktails at the Bar “Les Heures”

We began the evening seated at a table in the courtyard, sipping on the delicious creations of bar chef Florian Thireau.  The bar “Les Heures” is well-known for its delicious original cocktails. Forget about Mojitos and Pina Coladas – here you’ll find a more creative selection, a mixologist’s dream. I absolutely loved my cocktail “The Hive,” made with pisco with fresh bee pollen, lemon, sugar, and champagne, the perfect refreshing beverage for a summer’s evening. My husband opted for a different (and equally delicious) cocktail.

Original cocktails to kick off our evening!

The Verdict

The Prince de Galles is a Parisian 5-star hotel that will attract guests looking for a more intimate ambiance on a human scale, but with luxurious rooms and suites as well as top-notch service. Its Art Deco design is a nice change from the classic 18th-century French style, and a recent high-quality renovation has restored its former glory. In terms of gastronomy, this establishment has a veritable universe to offer: the Michelin-starred restaurant La Scène, Le Patio, and Les Heures are all modern options with trendy cuisine that draw in both visitors and locals.

I loved:

  • The superb location, right in the center of the Parisian “Triangle d’Or”
  • The Art Deco style is a nice change from the classic look used in so many Parisian luxury hotels
  • Top-tier gastronomy: a starred restaurant as well as two fantastic, less formal options — Le Patio and Les Heures

I disliked:

  • No spa, just one treatment room

Practical Information:

  • More information available on their website
  • Mosaic Suite: 1450 € in early August 2018

Thank you to the Prince de Galles for the invitation to explore their establishmentOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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