Jean Paul Hévin, sinfully delicious !


For those who don’t know, Jean Paul Hévin is one of the best chocolatiers in the world and luckily for us, he is French and has a few shops where we can try his creations in the capital.

His track record is impressive : he started off by taking his products to Joel Robuchon before being proclaimed the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 1986 (and yes this was quite a few years ago !). He opened his first shop in 1988 and this was the beginning of a beautiful story : he increased the Parisien market and also established himself throughout the world, for example in Japan. As a lover of the land of the rising sun, today there are a dozen shops and it was during my stay in Japan in November 2014 that I randomly fell across one of his toots in Hiroshima (it’s as if my flair always leads me in the right direction !)

An unforgettable tasting in Hiroshima

Nothing is better than a delicious hot chocolate and pastries to begin well the day !

It is 9am. I walk into this large store in Hiroshima with a grocery section in search of a breakfast when suddenly I notice a French sign : Jean Paul Hevin ! It’s impossible not to stay for a breakfast. Along with my friend, we each opt for a hot chocolate and pancakes to share … but we also allow ourselves to be tempted by a chocolate strawberry pastry ! This is a delicacy : chocolate is the icing and let’s not talk about the cake as I want to take another one as the marriage and power of the chocolate and the sweetness of the strawberries is perfect !

And another in the famous Parisien shop

Chocolate passion cake

The Bergam : Cocoa biscuit with almond paste, milk chocolate mousse and bergamot

The Rue saint Honoré : the perfect place for his flagship store. A tea room occupies the first floor while there are goods to import on the ground floor. I was lucky enough to lunch there in 2013 during a quick visit to Paris and I can tell you that the quality and refinement were out of this world ! The pastry menu is very varied while still being centered around chocolate : yuzu, praline, tonka,… the associations with chocolate are always very well worked and give us great culinary pleasure.

The chocolate bar (©

The original creations

Like all the famous pastry chefs and chocolatiers, Jean Paul Hevin is concerned only with original creations such as chocolate cheese for appetizers or even hot chocolate macha tea for a Japanese twist. There are constant changes for big occasions like Christmas or Valentines Day to offer his demanding clients new and original products.

Practical information

• Do not hesitate to order online on his site web (free shipping costs from purchases of 90€)

• And definitely visit the shops to taste and try his delicacies !

his book to go further

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