Japan chic and traditional at the ryokan Kurayado Iroha

I had the pleasure during my first stay in Japan in the fall of 2014 to spend a few days on the island of Miyajima. The experience would not have been complete without a night in a ryokan and I have set my sights on the Kurayado Iroha. On the program, luxury, calm and refined dishes, is not far from the ideal cocktail to recharge !

An island blessed by gods

You probably know the island of Miyajima, although its name may not tell you anything, you have seen many clichés of its famous vermilion torii that seems to float on the sea. This sacred island, classified World Heritage by Unesco , is renowned worldwide for its Itsukushima jinja temple which is a must see if you are staying in the area.

After spending some few hours visiting the little shops and and other attractions of the island, it’s time for me to go back to my lodging for the night: it’s a ryokan ie a traditional Japanese inn. Sleeping in this kind of establishment is for me the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture while enjoying the Japanese comfort and hospitality.

A perfect place to recharge your batteries

Enjoying a privileged location between the ferry terminal and the famous temple, this ryokan is a haven of peace for a perfect harmony between body, soul and spirit. Everything is done to make your stay perfect and relaxing! From the lobby, one notices the elegant and refined design, characteristic of the Japanese decoration. A pleasant welcome, they put me comfortably in my suite for the night and they serve me a cup of green tea so that I can enjoy a first moment of calm in my room.

Japanese ambience and modernity

The lounge area in the suite : perfect to enjoy the bay and the view on the torii

A successful mix between a japanese atmosphere and a contemporary decoration !

The suite of 50 m2 is a subtle marriage between the traditional and the contemporary. The view is great, the room faces the sea, which allows me to see the red torii where the tourists hurry. A tatami occupies the center of the room while 2 queen beds will allow us to sleep in the west way! Although sleeping on a futon is an ultimate experience to do in Japan, the softness of a mattress is still appreciable.

Absolute relaxation at the onsen

The major asset : an onsen with a lovely view

You are surely going to ask me, but what can one do well of his days in this luxurious address? Well, we usually come to this kind of accommodation to enjoy the pleasures of the onsen, which is a traditional thermal bath. Here there is one for men and one for women but being alone in mine, it allowed me to take full advantage of this quiet moment.

After decrypting the instructions for using this kind of bath (I assure you must have done a university degree in “onsen” to know how to do it properly), I go in The outside bath with the view on the sea. Finally, I dive into the bath inside for about ten minutes but no more because it is very hot.

Fireworks of flavors

Now it’s time to taste the kaiseki meal. I quickly put on my yukata (light kimono) which I was carefully deposited in my room before heading to the dining room. Here the chef cooks the seasonal ingredients and each plate becomes a real work of art: the table is perfect in a gorgeous tableware in faience or porcelain. The meal is a true culinary experience: a parade of ten dishes, served in very small quantity, allows you to taste the different Japanese flavors. A real treat ! The staff is attentive and discreet, definitely this establishment has it all !

Before leaving this little paradise, I eat a traditional breakfast: on the menu, fish, rice and soup, it is surprising at first but you easily get use to it. A large bay window allows me to burn the last images of this island where I spent excellent moments before I returned Hiroshima for the continuation of my Japanese adventures.

Practical information

  • Take time to visit the Itsukushima jinja temple
  • It is about 450 € per night in half board and with breakfast to sleep at the ryokan Kurayado Iroha. Reserve your room with Booking !
  • If you want to discover the island in an original way, call Yann from Hiroshima safari, I had a great time in his company (and at the same time made great photos).

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