The Grand Hotel Thalasso & Spa, an invitation to relaxation

It is in this 5-star hotel that is ideally situated on the bay of Saint Jean de Luz that I put down my suitcases for 24h of relaxation and rest in the Basque Country. It should be mentioned that it had all the ingredients that I was hoping for : a beautiful room with a view over the ocean, a hotel which perfectly combines tradition and contemporary and a magnificent spa where you can unwind for hours. It was time for a tour !

Ask the habitants in the region, the Grand Hotel Thalasso & Spa is a true institution in Saint Jean de Luz ! From the very first glance, this large, peach-colored building cannot go unnoticed ! Its magnificent location is just a few steps from the main beach and it’s a perfect way to spend a few days relaxing without touching the car.

On the 1st of June 2015 was the grand re-opening after more than 8 months of renovation. The old hotel, which was built around a century ago, underwent a complete overhaul that was inspired by an Art Deco theme. The decorator, Patrick Ribes did everything in his power to maintain the original architecture with the greatest care while giving it quite a contemporary look with a few gold and silver tones which underscore the black and white.

It is now time for me to discover the cocoon where I will be spending the next 24 hours : a magnificent Deluxe room with a view over the ocean. The large window offers an idyllic panorama over the Atlantic ocean that I never forget … My room is decorated with pearly wallpaper, white pedestal tables, a padded headboard and a beautiful touch of color with its 2 armchairs in blue velvet giving it a very refined and chic result. For those used to large spaces, you could opt for a junior suite (from 35 to 45m2) or a suite (63m2) with their vast teak wood terraces which offer a spectacular view.

My Deluxe Room with the ocean view

The spa, the major asset of the establishment

The magnificent 1000m2 Spa is undoubtedly one of the draw cards of the hotel. I really fell in love with this Thalasso institute. I must admit, when hear “thalasso” being mentioned, I think of white colors and not very glamorous equipment but here, it is not at all the case with the hotel when they put in the Loreamar institute in 2007. The ambiance is very pleasant and you immediately feel at ease when you walk through the brick arches supported by their huge marble pillars. The soft lighting contributes a lot in creating a cocooning atmosphere where you have a sense of immediate well being.

An relaxing atmosphere with this softened light

The relaxing room under the brick vaults

In terms of features, there is a large sea water swimming pool with a direct view of the beach, 20 treatment rooms where there are hot tubs, jet showers, wraps, massages as well as a relaxation hall which promotes calmness with fruit juices, herbal teas and dried fruits available. This is completed with a hammam, a sauna and a sensory shower and I thought that I was in paradise !

Another major advantage of this place is that it is a confidential institute : only 20 to 30 therapists are here every day for treatments during 3 or 5 days. My only regret is not having been able to try the treatments, which would have allowed me to complete my marvelous stay (always this famous lack of anticipation^^) !

The sea water swimming pool (©Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa)

2 tables : a bistro and a 1 Michelin star gastro

In terms of restaurants, you are spoiled for choice. With the exceptional weather we had during our trip in Saint Jean de Luz, we were able to lunch on the large terrace which overlooks the ocean ! The restaurant Badia with its bistro and dietetic cuisine was the perfect choice for a light lunch in the sunshine. For the evening, think about The ocean restaurant which is a popular place for food in the region. Even more reason, it has just obtained, at the beginning of 2017, its 1st Michelin star, a good reason to discover the cuisine of chef Christophe Grosjean who combines gastronomy and lightness.

The bistrot menu

Being reasonable : easy with these healthy lunches !

The chef Christophe Grosjean (© Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa)

The restaurant room is gorgeous with its beige and colored notes (© Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa)

The terrace seems to be absolutely amazing during summer time ! (© Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa)

At the beginning of the evening, go to the clipper where you will easily find your happy place on the menu. With a little luck, you will have a superb sunset !

Beautiful sunset on the Saint Jean de Luz bay

The Clipper bar

2 glasses of Pessac wine !

A delicious breakfast to start your day well

After a good night’s sleep and waking up to the sound of the waves (how lovely!), it is time to discover the long awaited breakfast ! It is served in the Art Déco rotunda, the same hall that welcomes diners to the gastronomy restaurant. The buffet is well garnished with its regional products such as cheeses and the basque cold meats but also with the big classics. The buffet is appetizing and the setting is perfect for a peaceful start.

If the morning is pleasant, why not explore the nearby surroundings before leaving this beautiful place. A nice walk on the beach or on the nearby pathways could be a good option, at the very least, wander around the little roads and the shops in the centre city.

I liked :

  • The magnificent Spa, one of the most beautiful that I have been to in Europe.
  • The choice of restaurants with its bistro and its gastro
  • The magnificent view over the ocean

I regretted :

  • The bathroom that was too small for me !

Practical informations

  • Rooms from 190€ to 1400€ for suites, access to the spa included.
  • Rooms Deluxe Ocean where I stayed : between 347€ and 761€
  • The spa has a vast selection of massages and cosmetic treatments but think about booking in advance.
  • New : The Detox Cure ! What better than to cleanse your body by spending a few days at the Grand Hotel Thalasso & Spa ! This treatment is on the detox menu from 1200 calories per day with specific treatments.

A big thank you to the Grand Hotel Thalasso & Spa for the invitation to discover their establishment as well as the Pascal Venot agency. However my opinions are my one !

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