Beyond Gastronomy: Immersive Experiences at Park Hyatt Bangkok

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

At Park Hyatt Bangkok, the bars and restaurants stand out for their diversity and excellence, offering unique experiences ranging from culinary refinement to a spectacular setting. Whether it's a bright breakfast at the Living Room, an innovative Catalan dinner at the Embassy Room, or an urban lunch at the Penthouse Bar & Grill, each place promises a memorable gastronomic adventure for discerning travelers from around the world. Sophisticated cocktails and panoramic views complete the experience, making every moment spent in these spaces a time of exception.

Living Room: Refinement at Any Time of the Day

The Living Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok is a space where natural light and art meet to create an atmosphere that is both spacious and cozy. Framed by huge windows, this place invites relaxation at any time of the day. A striking serpent-shaped artistic installation dominates the ceiling, under which visitors can savor a variety of comforting dishes, from international cuisine to Thai specialties.

Whether it's for an à la carte breakfast, a light meal, an afternoon tea experience, or simply to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail in the evening, the Living Room promises moments of gustatory pleasure. The place is perfect for starting the day with a memorable breakfast as we experienced during our stay at Park Hyatt Bangkok (read the review here: Park Hyatt Bangkok: When Design Meets Ultimate Comfort)

© Park Hyatt Bangkok
© Park Hyatt Bangkok

The Bar: Sophisticated Cocktails

The Bar embodies the perfect balance between sophistication and a relaxed atmosphere, offering an elegant refuge for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. With a meticulous selection of wines, quality draft beers, and an assortment of refined finger food, it's the ideal place to unwind after a long day. The adjacent terrace adds an extra dimension to the experience, allowing guests to delight in breathtaking views of Bangkok's urban landscape.

Our Gourmet Dinner at Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine

Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine is a window into the culinary world of Catalonia, thanks to the vision of chef Ferran Tadeo. A native of Catalonia and with experience in some of the world's most renowned Michelin-starred establishments, he brings a fresh breath to Bangkok with authentic Catalan dishes, enriched by his journey and family recipes. He invites his guests to explore the unique flavors, textures, and emotions of his cuisine, promising a rich experience in discoveries, and for many a food they have never tasted before.

© Park Hyatt Bangkok
© Park Hyatt Bangkok
© Park Hyatt Bangkok
© Park Hyatt Bangkok

The restaurant also stands out for its exceptional selection of Spanish wines, the most complete in Bangkok, including rare Sherries and Cavas, to perfectly accompany each dish. Bathed in natural light and offering a view of a pool surrounded by greenery, this restaurant embodies a fusion between tradition and innovation in Catalan culinary art. It offers an exceptional experience, from the food to the service, including the music and the general ambiance.

Our evening at the Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine turned into a true culinary odyssey through the Tradicio I Evolucio nine-course menu, each accompanied by a carefully selected wine pairing to celebrate the richness of Spanish wines, especially exceptional white wines. The adventure began with bold appetizers, true ambassadors of Catalan cuisine, where olive, churro, and croqueta managed to awaken our taste buds, followed by bread inviting to be dipped in Spanish olive oil. The following dishes, such as foie gras, sea urchin, vinegar but also grilled langoustine, Iberian broth, pork belly, were a demonstration of refinement and mastery, showcasing noble products with remarkable precision.

The menu continued on a more comforting note with a dish of winter truffle, mushroom, egg, and Idiazabal cheese, a combination that was both simple and deeply comforting. A big favorite for the following dish, razor clams, maccheroncini, pork, and plankton, whose vivid flavors particularly marked me. Opting for the Iberian lamb with pumpkin and vanilla as the main course, we were transported by the tenderness of the meat and the balance of the accompaniments.

The sweet conclusion of our dinner was just as memorable, with a rice pudding enhanced with vanilla and pear, followed by an exploration of chocolate in different textures, two desserts that encapsulate the sweetness and indulgence of Catalan pastry. Finally, a charming box of sweets perfected this gastronomic experience, leaving a memorable memory of our passage in this universe of Catalan flavors.

Penthouse Bar + Grill: Our Trendy and Urban Lunch

Perched between the 34th and 36th floors of Park Hyatt Bangkok, the Penthouse Bar & Grill offers breathtaking views of the urban horizon. Conceived by the New York studio AvroKO, this complex is inspired by the imaginary apartment of an elegant globetrotter, passionate about his collection of art pieces and unique vintage finds. With its art deco-influenced ambiance, where marble and wood reign supreme, the Penthouse Bar & Grill is a celebration of taste and elegance.

At the heart of this culinary destination is the Penthouse Grill, where chef Benn Rowe reinvents the traditional steakhouse with a modern twist. The meticulous selection of quality meats and seafood is beautifully complemented by an international wine list. For those looking for an even more personalized experience, the Chef's Table offers a unique opportunity to savor exclusive tasting menus in an intimate setting, where Chef Rowe showcases his exceptional culinary skills.

© Park Hyatt Bangkok
© Park Hyatt Bangkok

Our lunch was a true culinary symphony, elevated by a breathtaking view. The promise of a varied and enticing menu seduced us. We were tempted by the Set lunch, starting our gastronomic escape with a Caesar salad, eternally chic and timeless, and a tuna tataki with exotic notes of mango, avocado, and gochujang, a bold marriage of flavors. We then opted for modern takes on steakhouse classics: a wagyu beef burger with spicy tomato jam, Emmental, pickles, brioche bun, accompanied by irresistibly crispy fries, and a fish & chips, all executed to perfection. The finale, a revisited rum baba with notes of citrus, spiced rum, pineapple, and coconut whipped cream, was an ode to indulgence. Each bite was a true pleasure, and we were won over by our lunch!

The Cocktail Bar stands out with its sumptuous space featuring a breathtaking ceiling, offering an experience that blends innovative cocktails and classic favorites accompanied by a selection of gourmet snacks, inspired by the art of grilling.

The Johnnie Walker Depth of Blue Room, the first flagship Scotch Whisky store in Thailand and Southeast Asia, offers a unique experience around Johnnie Walker Blue Label and special cocktails with Thai flavors. Upon arrival, visitors are immersed in a multisensory adventure with a 360-degree screen and special effects, inviting to an underwater exploration journey through taste, smell, sound, and visual.

Located on the 36th floor, the rooftop of the Penthouse offers an unforgettable experience with its terrace garden offering stunning panoramas over Bangkok. It's the perfect setting to enjoy cocktails at sunset, followed by a 360-degree view of the city's twinkling lights at night.

My Opinion

At Park Hyatt Bangkok, each culinary space offers a distinct and memorable experience that we discovered with pleasure during our stay at this luxury hotel. The Living Room shines with its bright and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for a refined and indulgent breakfast. The Embassy Room captivated us by revealing the riches of Catalan cuisine through the eyes of a passionate chef. The Penthouse Bar & Grill, with its breathtaking views and inspired design, reinvents the steakhouse experience we appreciated during our lunch. Each bar enriches the stay with unique experiences, bold flavors, and unforgettable panoramas. A great address for foodies!

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