Thalassotherapy in Saint-Malo: The Grand Hotel des Thermes

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

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In mid-April, I had the chance to visit the lovely town of Saint-Malo once again. My first trip there was four years ago, and I have to say that I have very positive memories of this little city. I was thrilled to spend four days there for the WAT17 (“We Are Travel”) expo, an annual event which brings together Francophone travel bloggers.

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The place

Saint-Malo is an absolutely enchanting town. I should mention that this privateer city with its ramparts, gorgeous beaches, and famous port is a delightful tourist destination! It’s particularly magical within the old city walls: the narrow paved streets, ship-owners’ dwellings of yore, and traditional emblems make Saint-Malo incredibly charming!

The hotel

As for accommodation, the city offers a wide range of establishments, and I had the opportunity to stay for three nights in the Grand Hotel des Thermes Marins. This 5-star establishment, built at the end of the 19th century, is truly an institution on the Breton coast with its majestic building. Its 174 rooms feature a classic and subtle style, and for some guests offer a magnificent view of the Sillon beach. As for me, I set my suitcases down in a Croisière Grand Large room: 32 m² (345 ft²) with a view overlooking the sea. Everything I needed for a pleasant stay!

The restaurants

Let’s take a moment to talk about the restaurants. I have to admit that this holiday was more for business than leisure, so I didn’t get the chance to try the gourmet restaurant le Cap Horn, nor did I test la Verrière, which offers traditional, nutritious cuisine. However, I did have the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor lunch at the Restaurant la Terrasse, and the light meal I was offered there was lovely. As for the bar, it’s the perfect place for a snack break (the kouign-amann and far Breton with prunes, regional cakes from Brittany, are both delicious here), or to enjoy a cocktail early in the evening.

And What about the Thalassotherapy?

One of this hotel’s trump cards is without a doubt its direct access to a 5000 m² (53820 ft²) thalassotherapy center featuring umerous facilities devoted to your well-being. The center’s treatment menu will make you dizzy: massages, wraps, whirlpool bathtubs—there’s something for everyone! It’s best to choose a package for one or several days, allowing you to focus on a specific aspect: anti-aging, post-traumatic rehabilitation, back pain treatments, weight loss… and don’t forget to test the Aquatonic experience, a unique concept centered on well-being.

I spent half a day in this thalassotherapy center and tried out a few treatments. While I’m a frequent visitor of spas, this was my first thalasso experience. The ambiance is quite different from other spas, much more focused on the medical angle.

I began my morning with a seawater detox involving a shower treatment with heated seawater, then I checked out the relaxing whirlpool bath. Lying in my own bathtub and surrounded by darkness, I took advantage of this bubbling and luminescent bath with colors that helped ease tensions. But my favorite treatment was the affusion massage: for 25 minutes, I lay under a gentle rain of warm seawater while my therapist gave me an essential oil massage. I was pleasantly surprised by this treatment, which was very relaxing; the combination of water and oil on my skin felt wonderful.

Photography wasn’t allowed inside the Thalasso, so I’ll let you explore the space through the Thermes Marins’ own pictures!

The Verdict

The Grand Hotel des Thermes Marins is the perfect place to spend a few days of relaxation and take advantage of the thalassotherapy space. It would be a shame to spend a night here without benefiting from the wellness center on offer. I highly recommend it for those of looking for more professional and medicalized care than what you’d find in a spa, for example. Moreover, in addition to its undeniable touristic appeal, the city of Saint-Malo offers a number of activities including recreational sailing (which I got to try over the course of my stay thanks to the Surf School, located only a minute or two from the hotel). So you can enjoy a full vacation on the seaside!

I loved:

  • The hotel with plenty of things to see and do: several restaurants and, of course, the thalasso space
  • The very pleasant and attentive personnel
  • The exceptional view of the sea
  • I disliked:

  • The room service breakfast, which was rather limited in terms of choice and quality
  • The high price for a room
  • Practical information

  • 100 Boulevard Hébert 35400 Saint Malo
  • Book your room with
  • Thank you to the Grand Hotel des Thermes for the invitation to explore their establishment and to the WAT17. Of course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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