What are the Best Gastronomic Restaurants in Paris?

Paris is famous for its gastronomic restaurants, offering an exceptional culinary experience for all tastes. The best gastronomic restaurants in Paris are synonymous with luxury and high quality, offering a high-end, refined and unforgettable culinary experience.

Family Friendly: 114 Faubourg

114 Faubourg, a Michelin-starred brasserie and an integral part of the prestigious Bristol Paris, is a meeting place for all of Paris. With its elegant decor featuring a wrought-iron staircase and golden columns, it offers an ambiance that is both warm and refined. The open kitchen adds to the friendly atmosphere of the place, allowing guests to watch the brigade in action. Supervised by the renowned Eric Frechon, the cuisine at 114 Faubourg offers a contemporary interpretation of French gastronomic classics, where each dish is carefully presented and flavors are harmoniously combined.

The spirit of the Michelin-starred establishment Epicure, also within the Bristol and led by Eric Frechon, is reflected in the cuisine of 114 Faubourg. The menu highlights high-quality products through modern and elegant recipes. Dishes like scrambled eggs with lobster, langoustine ravioli with foie gras, or roasted brill in Grenoble style reflect this philosophy. The cellar and service, matching the reputation of the establishment, meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

The 1-Star Brasserie of Bristol Paris has won a loyal following thanks to its exuberant yet refined atmosphere. Under the supervision of Eric Frechon, chef Loïc Dantec is committed to respecting products and terroirs, creating delicious and memorable dishes such as artichoke soup with pan-seared foie gras escalope and black truffle emulsion, or Bourbon vanilla millefeuille with semi-salted butter caramel.

In a Historic Setting: Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen

Alléno Paris, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant led by Yannick Alléno, is situated on the first floor of a magnificent neo-classical building. Known for its culinary innovation, the restaurant offers menus based on six or nine emotions, accompanied by wine selections. Alléno has revolutionized modern gastronomy with his techniques of extraction and fermentation, bringing a touch of originality and freshness to meticulously constructed dishes.

This elegant restaurant, nestled in the heart of Paris, offers a personalized experience through a unique concierge service. Before your visit, the team consults with you to tailor the menu and drinks to your preferences, ensuring a customized experience. The dishes are marvels of creativity and excellence, showcasing Yannick Alléno's technical mastery and passion for cooking.

Alléno Paris stands out for its location in a pavilion in the gardens of the Champs-Élysées and its luxurious interior. Yannick Alléno's cuisine is a celebration of French culinary tradition, enriched by innovative techniques, especially in the creation of sauces. Dishes like the Improvised Harvest or the Leaf by Leaf Wagyu Beef are examples of how the avant-garde meets and honors the grand tradition of French gastronomy.

For a Romantic Evening: Le Clarence

Le Clarence, located in a 19th-century private mansion in Paris, embodies the elegance and tradition of Bordeaux châteaux. Led by chef Christophe Pelé, the restaurant stands out for its luxurious and refined setting, reflecting the French art of living. The decor blends moldings, tapestries, and silverware, creating an atmosphere that is both majestic and intimate, ideal for a gastronomic and romantic evening.

Christophe Pelé, with his experience in prestigious establishments, offers intuitive and modern cuisine, awarded two Michelin stars since 2017. At Le Clarence, there is no fixed menu, but rather dishes crafted around exceptional and seasonal products, with a preference for land-sea pairings. His culinary approach, both innovative and respectful of traditions, is characterized by bold creations and marked flavors, which have earned the restaurant a listing in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The experience at Le Clarence transcends a simple meal to become a moment of pure gastronomic pleasure. The service, of great elegance, is complemented by an impressive wine list, including rare wines and carefully selected vintages. Each meal is an invitation to a culinary journey, where the chef's precision and instinct are manifested in every dish. Le Clarence, with its ambiance, cuisine, and service, offers a memorable gastronomic experience, a true homage to the richness of French culinary art.

With an Exceptional View: Le Tout Paris

Le Tout-Paris, located on the 7th floor of the Cheval Blanc hotel, offers a panoramic view of the iconic monuments of Paris. This contemporary brasserie, inspired by old Art Deco bistros, provides an effervescent atmosphere where the flavors of Parisian brasserie cuisine meet a modern twist. The gastronomic establishment, open from breakfast until midnight, invites guests to savor refined dishes and desserts, as well as unique cocktails, in a bright and generous setting.

This meeting and celebration place, designed by designer Peter Marino, is characterized by its colorful decor and impeccable service. Chef William Bequin, under the direction of Arnaud Donckele, presents fine and inventive dishes, such as mushroom tartlets and blue lobster. Guests can choose the garnish and cooking method of their dishes while enjoying the terrace with a breathtaking view of the Seine and the left bank.

Le Tout-Paris stands out with its three unique spaces: the bright room with primary colors, the terrace with a spectacular view of the Seine and Parisian monuments, and a hanging garden above the rooftops of Paris. The brasserie offers shared cuisine with revisited old-fashioned dishes and classic cocktails with a distinctive touch, including the signature cocktail of Le Tout Paris, a white blend with notes of apricot, orange blossom, and vanilla. Le Tout-Paris is an ideal destination for a romantic meal or with friends, offering a unique culinary and visual experience.

The Most Trendy: Septime

Septime, led by Bertrand Grébaut, embodies the essence of modernity in the Parisian culinary scene, blending freshness, ease, and a touch of mischief. Located on rue de Charonne, the restaurant stands out with its chic industrial decor, featuring a large workshop-style glass roof, raw wood tables, and metal beams. The experience at Septime is highly sought-after, requiring advance reservation.

The menu at Septime reflects the high plant content and creative approach of chef Grébaut, with dishes meticulously crafted and presented in a country chic style dining room. The menu changes regularly, showcasing fresh and seasonal ingredients in inventive compositions. Among the notable dishes are raw scallops in a turnip broth, grilled asparagus, and deliciously prepared poultry dishes. The service is impeccable and greatly contributes to the experience.

Septime is more than just a gourmet restaurant; it is a symbol of the rejuvenation of Parisian bistronomy. Bertrand Grébaut, with his team, creates an atmosphere where author cuisine meets a relaxed and contemporary environment. The menu, presented in a minimalist way, invites discovery and trust in the chef for a surprising culinary experience.

The Most Affordable: Substance

Matthias Marc, a renowned 29-year-old chef, leads the restaurant Substance in Paris. His impressive career includes experiences in prestigious establishments such as Le Saint-James, Lasserre, and Le Meurice. Matthias Marc's cuisine is characterized by the sublimation of exceptional raw materials, with marked, aromatic, delicate, and surprising flavors. He is known for his creative approach and commitment to sustainability, preferring low-environmental-impact products from the Île-de-France region, and also highlights products from his native Jura.

Substance is a contemporary gastronomy restaurant located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It is the result of a collaboration between Matthias Marc and restaurateur Stéphane Manigold, sharing a common dream of valuing quality products and producers. The restaurant was awarded a star in the MICHELIN Guide in 2022 and received a score of 16/20 in Gault et Millau.

Substance offers tasting menus in 5, 7, and 9 courses, showcasing the chef's creativity. The wine list, with more than 700 references, highlights the Jura wine region. The restaurant offers a complete experience, combining an elegant dining room, inventive cuisine, and an exceptional cellar. The goal is to provide a unique emotion to each customer.

A Desire for Asia: Sushi B

SUSHI B, located near rue de Richelieu and the National Library of France, is a true haven of peace. This soothing and warm place offers sushi specialties prepared with fresh products according to traditional Japanese methods. In addition to its delicious sushi, SUSHI B offers a selection of wines and Japanese sakes, perfect for a drink with friends.

The restaurant's zen and minimalist setting, with its elegant counter and fabric chairs, creates a refined atmosphere. The chef works with surgical precision, offering exquisitely balanced sushi and maki. The other dishes, equally delicate, complete a remarkable culinary experience. The establishment, accommodating only 8 people, is a delightful address for those seeking an authentic and upscale sushi experience.

Located near rue Saint-Anne, SUSHI B is led by Isao Horai, who has taken over from Masayoshi Hanada. The menu offers a symphony of Japanese flavors, ranging from exquisite bites to freshly prepared sushi, accompanied by carefully selected sakes and wines. Dishes such as sesame tofu, squid with white grape, and a variety of sushi offer an authentic and refined Japanese culinary experience. The restaurant, with its contemporary setting and discreet service, is ideal for an intimate and luxurious culinary experience.

The best gastronomic restaurant in Paris will certainly be a place to taste sophisticated gastro dishes prepared by internationally renowned chefs. Local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques are often highlighted to offer an authentic culinary experience.

These restaurants are the ideal choice for a special occasion, such as a romantic anniversary or a gala evening. Their elegant atmosphere makes them ideal places for an unforgettable evening.