Le Roch Hotel & Spa: A Boutique Hotel by Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Right in the heart of Paris’s 1st arrondissement and only a stone’s throw from famous luxury hotels such as Le Meurice and Le Crillon, I spent a night at Le Roch Hotel & Spa. Thanks to its ideal location and its perfect embodiment of Parisian chic (as designed by its creator, Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine), this hotel attracts tourists from all around the world. Come with me to explore this contemporary and cozy establishment!

An Ultra-Central Location

The hotel’s location in the middle of the 1st arrondissement is truly an asset; just a short walk from the Opéra Garnier, the Tuileries Garden, and the rue Saint-Honoré, it’s ideal for a shopping spree. It was pure bliss to be able to go for a stroll in one of my favorite Parisian neighborhoods. No need to spend all of your time in public transport – plenty of landmarks are easily accessible on foot. As for the establishment itself, a member of Design Hotels, it’s the most recent addition to the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle’s collection. As soon as I entered this boutique hotel, I was enchanted by the elegant, subdued setting, an incredible incarnation of the Parisian chic style.

A Cozy Atmosphere by Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine

This piece of paradise is the work of Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine, an interior designer who needs no introduction. She has become a veritable icon of Parisian style, and she designed this mansion to suit one of her most beloved neighborhoods. As her first project in hotel design, Le Roch displays a cozy and convivial atmosphere thanks to the designer’s selection of interesting colors, warm materials, timeless patterns, and Parisian elegance. She especially makes use of contrasting colors, such as black juxtaposed with pastel hues, or Bleu Sarah (her signature color) combined with a bright brick red. The design creates a unique ambience and bold personality which certainly made an impression on me, particularly in the gorgeous lobby.

37 Cozy Rooms and Suites

This boutique hotel includes a total of 32 rooms and 5 suites, with surface areas ranging from 20 to 47 m². Designed to look like Parisian apartments, these spaces display a distinct palette of colors: dusty pink, black and white, saffron yellow, pistachio green, and the famous Bleu Sarah. There’s a subtle, elegant combination of timeless contemporary chic and several design elements created by Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine herself, such as the bed frame decorated with two-toned fabrics, the wood-framed mirrors, and the eye-catching lamps. Poniatowski-Lavoine gave free rein to her creativity to develop a unique look. The rooms are completed by gorgeous bathrooms featuring Carrara marble and colorful Zellige tiles.

A Trendy Restaurant for Both Tourists and Parisians

Be it at the restaurant or the bar, Parisians mix with tourists at this trendy location, much to the delight of the latter (who are happy to enjoy an authentic French experience). The restaurant presents the same kind of elegant, chic look as the hotel, with blue velvet bench seats and subdued lighting. It continues onto a brightly-lit patio, ideal for the summer months, as well as a glass roof-covered dining section, allowing guests to bask in natural light.

We enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant and were thrilled to discover young chef Rémy Bérerd’s cuisine. He proposes fresh, colorful, and sophisticated dishes, for a healthy and flavorful result. We began our meal with smoked eel Arancini, a Sicilian specialty, before opting for the prawns with jasmine, candied citrus fruits, and lemon balm, followed by ravioli with ricotta cheese and apricot preserves.

Before or after dinner, the library bar is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while comfortably seated in one of the velvet-upholstered chairs. It feels like you’re in your own living room, surrounded by books and decorative objects.

A Spa by Codage

In the heart of the hustle and bustle of Paris, guests come to this wellness center to relax in a cozy ambience. The pool and spa are separated by a curtain of water, giving you the impression you’re in a secret passageway. For its personalized treatments, Le Roch Hotel & Spa chose products by Codage, an innovative French brand founded in 2010. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to test the spa’s range of treatments!

The Verdict

Le Roch Hotel & Spa enchants its guests by immersing them in a Parisian chic world. With a beautifully-executed look created by a famous Parisian designer, this modern boutique hotel offers an intimate five-star experience in its 37 rooms and suites. What’s more, its location is perfect for exploring some of the city’s most famous neighborhoods on foot. The Codage spa and the restaurant bring the finishing touches to this trendy place, well-loved both by tourists and by local clientele!

I loved:

  • The ultra-central location, ideal for exploring museums, going shopping, or getting lunch or dinner at a fantastic restaurant!
  • Well-executed and original design
  • High-quality restaurant with creative cuisine by a young chef whose future looks promising!

I disliked:

  • The breakfast was definitely not up to five-star standards

Practical Information

  • More information available on their website
  • Chambre Supérieure starting at € 480 per night in March 2019

Thank you Le Roch Hotel & Spa for the invitation to explore their establishment.Of course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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