Mezzaluna: A Franco-Japanese Gastronomic Symphony in Bangkok

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Perched at the summit of the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok, and more precisely on the 65th floor of the iconic Lebua hotel, Mezzaluna stands as a beacon of global gastronomy, where the fusion of French and Japanese culinary cultures reaches peaks of excellence. This luxury setting, crowned with two Michelin stars, embodies the very essence of innovation and culinary creativity. Join us for a peerless taste journey.

Culinary Art at its Summit: Lebua and its Jewel Mezzaluna

Overlooking the Bangkok skyline from the 65th floor of the Lebua hotel, Mezzaluna invites its guests to an unforgettable culinary experience, crowned with a panoramic view over the urban dynamism of Bangkok and the serene waters of the Chao Phraya River. Within this urban oasis, Lebua Hotels & Resorts, known for its luxury and international excellence, highlights its commitment to quality through establishments like the Tower Club at Lebua. This one stands out in Thailand, being the only one to house two Michelin-starred tables, the Chef's Table and Mezzaluna, making it a pillar of gastronomic excellence in the region.

A Sophisticated Design Coupled with a Panoramic View

Mezzaluna, whose name evokes the elegant and curved shape of a half-moon, invites its guests into a world where the interior design reflects perfect harmony in elegance. From the entrance, an ascent by an impressive double teak polished staircase leads to a dining room where the arrangement of tables guarantees every guest a breathtaking view of Bangkok through immense bay windows, while preserving a precious sense of intimacy.

© Mezzaluna
© Mezzaluna

The recent renovation of Mezzaluna has magnified this exceptional setting, opting for an interior design that brilliantly combines elegant simplicity with a captivating black and white contrast game, thus underlining the timeless atmosphere of the place. The rich dark wood of the interior decoration, accented by a thick carpet, harmoniously contrasts with the immaculate white tablecloths. A touch of pep is added by its vast open kitchen where one can admire the culinary symphony and the ballet of cooks in full action.

© Mezzaluna
© Mezzaluna
© Mezzaluna
© Mezzaluna

The Starry Ascent of Ryuki Kawasaki at Mezzaluna

Having honed his skills in some of the most prestigious kitchens around the globe, Chef Ryuki Kawasaki embraced a new adventure at Lebua in 2015, seduced by the promise of unparalleled creative freedom to materialize an unprecedented culinary vision. Inspired by the culinary heritage of his Japanese origins, Ryuki has designed a revolutionary menu that marries the richness, delicate flavors, and textures of French cuisine with the refinement, neat aesthetics, and subtle touches characteristic of Japan. This approach bore fruit when his exceptional talent was consecrated with two Michelin stars in 2018, a distinction that has recognized him without interruption since.

Franco-Japanese Harmony: Our Starred Dinner at Mezzaluna

Chef Ryuki Kawasaki's culinary philosophy celebrates the harmonious fusion of exceptional Japanese ingredients and haute French cuisine techniques. This approach, based on the belief that the best dishes are born from the best ingredients, translates into a gastronomic experience where simplicity elevates quality. The wine list, as impressive as it is refined, perfectly complements this flavor alchemy, with a special focus on Bordeaux and Burgundy wines.

Mezzaluna stands as a sanctuary for lovers of France and Japan, a space where my passion and explorations across Japan resonate. The promise of ingredients with unparalleled freshness is realized in Chef Ryuki's seasonal seven-course tasting menus, with the exception of his famous Wagyu beef, a symbol of consistency in this ever-evolving universe of flavors.

During this dinner, we had the pleasure of testing the winter menu. Our experience began with a champagne reception and appetizers that awakened our senses to the subtleties of Japanese cuisine. The meal then unfolded, from Royal crab quenelle (Tarabagani), foie gras, celery, black truffle to the Grenoble style shirako, to poached langoustine in butter, parsnip, kabosu (a Japanese citrus) and white miso bisque, which was a real favorite with the richness and complexity of flavors. The seafood specialties end with the grouper, mirugai, Jerusalem artichoke, caviar, always presented in an exquisitely fine and elegant manner.

The 5th dish of this superb menu is a Landes chicken marinated in sake, kabu, sakekasu, supreme sauce that perfectly marries this French meat with Japanese flavors. However, the highlight remains the famous charcoal-grilled Murakami beef from Niigata, tiger prawn, carrot, ginger, a true delight! The beef comes from a small breed of high-quality calves from the chef's hometown in Niigata Prefecture. The result is an exquisitely marbled beef that melts in the mouth, which one can only find in Japan — or here, at Mezzaluna.

Finally, the chestnut dessert, combining Nikka whisky and Thai vanilla, was a delicious nod to Japan. The petit fours added the final touch to this unforgettable gastronomic evening, marking Mezzaluna as an exceptional address for connoisseurs.

My Review

My evening at Mezzaluna was a culinary adventure that surpassed all my expectations. From the moment I crossed the threshold, captivated by the sophisticated elegance of the place and its breathtaking view, I knew I was about to experience something exceptional. Chef Ryuki Kawasaki, with his approach that fuses the essence of French cuisine and Japanese delicacy, captured my palate from the first moments. Each dish was a revelation, both in its flavors and its artistic presentation. When two renowned culinary cultures meet, the result is astounding, and that's why I will rank Mezzaluna as one of the best gastronomic tables in Bangkok.

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