Four Seasons The Nam Hai: A Luxury Resort With Vietnamese Soul

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

To discover the center of Vietnam known for its charming imperial cities, there's nothing like settling down for a few days at Four Seasons The Nam Hai. This ultra-luxurious resort is a true haven of peace that offers an idyllic setting as well as great privacy with its 100 villas spread over 35 hectares of exotic gardens.

A Stop in Hoi An in Central Vietnam

A stay in Vietnam would not be complete without spending a few days in the charming city of Hoi An (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) with its colorful lanterns and canals. The Four Seasons The Nam Hai is an ideal luxury hotel to stay just 15 minutes drive from Hoi An, allowing guests to enjoy the city while relaxing in a peaceful and luxurious setting.

© Four Seasons

Opened in 2006, the resort came under the management of the Four Seasons group a decade later and has since become one of the most prestigious hotels in Vietnam. The property extends over a kilometer of beach (private, of course!) while the 35-hectare garden has no less than 4,500 palm trees, a true immersion in nature!

You can't get any more luxurious than the 5-bedroom Villa (© Four Seasons)

After climbing a flight of stairs, the open-air lobby displays typical Vietnamese architecture. From the first steps, one can catch a glimpse of the cascading pools and the sea in the background. The bustle of the city of Hoi An seems far away, and I am immediately overwhelmed by a feeling of tranquility and serenity. The holidays are at hand, and it is now evident!

The adult-only pool (© Four Seasons)

Luxury Villas

The resort has 100 villas, which is surprising at first glance given the emphasis on tranquility and privacy. From a one-bedroom villa with garden view to a five-bedroom villa of up to 660 square meters, the options are plentiful! The three-bedroom villa is perfect for a stay with friends or family, with its large terrace and private pool.

The 3-bedroom Villa (© Four Seasons)

In terms of aesthetics, the villas display contemporary Asian decor with the omnipresent presence of dark wood. Colorful fabrics and local artworks adorn the interior decor. But the highlight of the villa is the outdoor area, with some lucky ones even having their private pool! Relaxing on a sun lounger by a private pool and watching the waves crashing onto the beach, paradise is at your fingertips!

© Four Seasons
The private pool, a must! (© Four Seasons)

Diverse Activities

There are no less than 3 pools (a family pool, a lap pool, and an adult-only) to enjoy a moment of relaxation. One can also choose to relax on the clear sandy beach, comfortably lying in a hammock under the coconut trees.

For those who want a more active stay, numerous activities are available such as a Vietnamese cooking class at the Cooking Academy, a bike ride in the rice fields, a visit to Hoi An, or water activities when the weather permits. As for the kids' club, I had the opportunity to take a look and it is the perfect playground for children and a major selling point for families.

An Ultra-Complete Spa

From my first steps into the spa, I was captivated by the incredible view of the lake with its 8 stilt cabins where you can surrender to the expert hands of a therapist for high-quality treatments. One can also opt for a flying yoga or meditation class. Every evening, a unique moment called “Goodnight kiss to the earth” takes place: this crystal bowl chant ceremony allows you to indulge in a typical Hoi An ritual by floating a lantern on the lake.

© Four Seasons
© Four Seasons
The “Goodnight kiss to the earth” ceremony (© Four Seasons)

Our Lunch at La Sen

As for restaurants, La Sen serves an eclectic cuisine with Vietnamese dishes as well as those from all over Asia. We had the pleasure of having lunch there facing the sea in an exceptional setting! On the menu, we opted for typically Vietnamese flavors: a Goi Cang Cua salad with marinated beef, a Goi Han San salad with seafood, and Hoi An Chicken Rice. For dessert, we went for European flavors: the chocolate sweetness of a Sachertorte and the creaminess of a thyme and blackberry crème brûlée, both perfectly executed and terribly tasty.

La Sen restaurant (© Four Seasons)
Goi Cang Cua Salad
Goi Han San Salad
Hoi An Chicken Rice
Thyme and blackberry crème brûlée

Other Dining Options

Café Nam Hai is the restaurant where you can find a delicious breakfast in the morning, unless you prefer the privacy of your villa or even a floating breakfast in your private pool. They serve delicious coffee all day long, including the famous egg coffee which is a Vietnamese specialty not to be missed. In the evening, European cuisine is served as well as many dishes that highlight Indian gastronomy.

The famous egg coffee, a Vietnamese specialty
Café Nam Hai (© Four Seasons)

For a good cocktail, The Bar is the perfect spot, unless you prefer the Beach Bar (only open in summer) to toast facing the sea.

The Beach Bar (© Four Seasons)

The Verdict

Four Seasons The Nam Hai is undoubtedly a top resort choice for your trip to Vietnam. Located just a stone's throw from Hoi An and less than an hour from the airport, it allows you to enjoy the charms of the old town while relaxing in a luxurious establishment where peace and tranquility reign. The numerous typically Vietnamese activities available are a big favorite, providing a chance to discover the local culture. The exceptional setting on the beach, which can be enjoyed from your villa, as well as the pools and restaurants, are also a major draw.

I liked:

  • The extraordinary view from the villas with private pool facing the sea, a must!
  • Numerous activities, particularly local and typical of Vietnam!
  • Two superb restaurants in an extraordinary setting.
  • I regretted:

  • Privacy, but as these are large villas, including families, there is a chance of being disturbed by neighbors...
  • Practical Information

  • For more information, visit their website.
  • 3-Bedroom ocean-view villa for €2,340 in March 2023
  • Do you know the Four Seasons The Nam Hai? Feel free to share your comments or questions with me in the comments or on social media.

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