An Exceptional Dining Experience at Le Meurice, a Three-Star Michelin Restaurant

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Last October, my husband and I celebrated 13 years together (how time flies!). We decided to commemorate the occasion in style with an original experience, something we’d never tried before!

Here we are, about to spend a few days in Paris (not that that’s the “original experience”) where we’ve reserved a table for lunch at the three-star Michelin restaurant “Le Meurice!” We’ve already dined at a few one- or two-Michelin-star restaurants, but this is our first experience with three!

To Begin With, a Magical Place…

It’s 12:30 as we enter this superb hotel located on the rue de Rivoli, a short walk from the Louvre. We arrive at the restaurant, and it’s simply majestic: we encounter a great room filled with tables, each covered in immaculate linen.  The room features a classical style, in very good taste; two impressive fireplaces harmonize well with the large paintings, gilding, and splendid chandeliers. The decoration is inspired by the Salon de la Paix (the “Peace Room”) at Versailles, and I have to say that it’s very effective! I feel transported to another time in this period atmosphere. The restaurant’s large windows offer a view of the Tuileries Garden.

Followed by Very High-Level Service

Une coupe de champagne en guise d'apéritif

When we arrive, the room is nearly empty, but little by little the other guests settle in. There are many foreigners around us, including visitors from Anglophone and Asian countries; I think we must be the only French people dining there. We’re given a very professional but warm welcome. The balance is perfect, and we already have a good impression.

We choose the lunch set menu (appetizer, main course, cheese platter, and dessert) to discover the fine cuisine offered by chef Alain Ducasse. We enjoy a glass of champagne with a small hors d’oeuvre, which sets the tone for the rest: “a highly refined meal without departing from the simplicity of the raw products” (this is the chef’s message to his customers!).

And Finally, Unforgettable Cuisine

Un plat délicieux à base de poisson
Un brie très fin avec son pain aux fruits secs
Mon dessert à base de figues fraiches, le tout dans un style unique

Our multiple-course meal begins: we feel a different emotion with each dish, and are delighted by the subtle and delicate flavors. That’s how I would describe our experience at this gourmet restaurant. The servers explain in detail every one of the courses, while ensuring that their commentaries are easy to understand!

Some Special Features

A few things struck me, including, for example, the famous bread trolley with its abundance of options. There are also the delicious mini-pastries, as well as a small box of chocolates to take home, and the tea and herbal infusion trolley where aromatic plants are harvested and then brewed right before your eyes. The personnel is very attentive at all times, and clearly wants guests to enjoy an exclusive and upscale experience.

Le fameux chariot à thé

This was a fantastic gourmet encounter; a delicious meal, an incredibly romantic environment perfectly suited to the occasion, and a level of service worthy of an establishment of such high standing. If you’re looking for a unique experience to celebrate a special occasion, the restaurant Le Meurice is an excellent choice. Note that the price for a meal at lunchtime is more affordable (130 € for a three-course meal), while dinner is much pricier.

Practical Information

  • More information can be found on the restaurant’s website
  • Open from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner, and every day of the week for breakfast
  • Dress code: Men are required to wear jackets, and a tie is recommended (the day we were there, 90% of the guests followed the dress code)
  • Lunch set menu: 130 €
  • Collection menu: 380 €
  • March 2016 update: The 2016 Michelin Guide downgraded the restaurant, removing one of its stars. Let’s hope it gets the star back soon!

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