A Perfect Evening at the Hotel Meurice’s Bar 228

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Welcome to one of Paris’s most fabulous hotels, the Meurice, where we’ll spend the evening in the hotel’s bar, the 228. It offers a traditional ambiance, even a bit old-school with its leather armchairs and ceiling fresco. We’re immersed in an atmosphere that’s 100% cozy!

It’s about 10 p.m. and 22° (70° F) in one of the world’s most beautiful cities: that’s right, we’re in Paris, and I’m heading out to one of the capital’s most superb luxury hotels. I calmly make my way through the arcades along the rue de Rivoli until I reach the façade of the Hotel du Meurice! I’m pleasantly greeted before I make my way to Bar 228 to enjoy a cocktail!

An Exceptional Environment

Une salle majestueuse pour terminer cette journée en beauté

The atmosphere is lovely: the great big leather armchairs and small mahogany tables in this magnificent room invite us to settle in comfortably and start sipping on drinks. As for the walls, they’re covered with large frescoes, and we feel like we’re in a very British ambiance.

The room is quite snug and even features a pianist playing jazzy melodies, to our great delight. While the interior design was completely redone by Philippe Starck in late 2007, the bar retains its warmth and is faithful to its origins.

And Divine Cocktails!

La carte des cocktails contient des grands classiques comme des cocktails signatures
Pour moi

The menu is impressive: there are cocktails made with champagne, wine, and other spirits. The bar places a real emphasis on originality, with highly varied creations.  It takes me nearly ten minutes to make up my mind with so many tantalizing options! We finally select a cocktail with pink champagne, raspberry juice, blackberry juice, lemon, and mint, and a second drink with pink champagne, bourbon, and peach juice. All of this comes with two chocolate truffles by Alain Ducasse, and it’s a pure delight! The flavor combinations are incredible, and tasting the drinks with the chocolates makes the moment all the more enjoyable.

Practical information

– More information on their website

– 228 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris Tel :

-30 € for a cocktail, 20€ for a glass of wine and 13€ for a fruit juice.

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