Afternoon Tea Time at the Ritz Paris Hotel

Marie Aubry

Marie Aubry

The Ritz Paris is part of the very exclusive circle of 5-star hotels in Paris, and its reputation for being one of the most beautiful hotels in the capital is certainly well-deserved! It is in the heart of this luxurious setting that one can enjoy a gourmet afternoon by savoring an exceptional afternoon tea.

French luxury in the Salon Proust

2 spaces, 2 atmospheres: on one side the Salon Proust that serves a French tea and on the other the Bar Vendôme which offers a slightly different tea time!

In the heart of this luxury hotel, one can sit down in the middle of the afternoon in this magnificent lounge with its superb library, fireplace, and soft lighting. An intimate setting that only a few privileged guests experience early in the afternoon to settle into comfortable armchairs and enjoy the pastries of Chef Francois Perret.

In the center of the lounge, an impressive table presents the pastry creations of the chef, including the famous Barquette, Ritz au Lait, and Madeleine. Tea is served in the French style, that is, only sweet treats with an assortment of biscuits and petit fours, a hot drink, and the chef's pastries, all for 83€ per person (68€ without the chef's pastry and 88€ with a glass of champagne).

Another Atmosphere in the Bar Vendôme

In the heart of this chic Parisian brasserie with its large red velvet banquettes, but also its superb Belle Époque glass roof, one can enjoy an English tea time.

For 68€, the menu includes a selection of sandwiches that change according to the seasons, scones, and a choice of pastry from the chef's selection, all accompanied by a hot drink from a selection of teas, infusions, coffees, and the delicious hot chocolate.

Reservation is strongly recommended for tea time, especially on weekends. For those who want to taste the chef's creations at home, there is also the Ritz Comptoir, which has been open since 2021.

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