Ritz Le Comptoir: François Perret's Pastry Shop

Jessica Payet

Jessica Payet

It is a few streets away from the famous luxury Parisian hotel Le Ritz that one of the most eagerly awaited pastry shops in the capital opened in June 2021. Named Ritz Le Comptoir, this den of indulgence presents the pastries and viennoiseries of chef François Perret! Visit!

A Place of Utter Beauty

It was one of the most celebrated gourmet openings in the Parisian capital in 2021. A renewal on the sweet culinary scene with one of the most creative chefs of his generation. Taking the place of the former Ritz Bar, the Ritz Le Comptoir is a pristine cocoon that displays bright hues and beautiful arches evoking the architecture of the nearby Place Vendôme.

From the first steps, one is captivated by this magnificent white counter facing the entrance where the sweet and savory creations of the chef are presented. A large leather banquette faces it and allows customers to enjoy on the spot.

An Ultra Gourmet Shop

If you know François Perret's work, you know he particularly likes to revisit the classics of his tender childhood. A certain creativity, a note of indulgence, in short, the pastries are of very high caliber. One crumbles without hesitation on the famous Hazelnut Tart with its airy hazelnut mousse and its crunchy and indulgent biscuit.

As for the madeleine, it takes a prime place at the Ritz! In small format or in the form of this giant madeleine, it is the assurance of falling back into childhood. It is also available in a gift box, for a very indulgent gift.

But my favorite, the one that absolutely moved me, is the Ritz au Lait: a Breton biscuit coated with rice pudding, a chocolate shell, in short, a mix of textures and a regression difficult to describe without tasting it!

As for the marbled cake, François Perret revisited it as an entremet. A real delight to share!

Viennoiseries and a Savory Offer

François Perret created a menu for each hour of the day: for breakfast, it's the viennoiseries accompanied by a hot chocolate that are all the rage, while the salty dishes to be enjoyed on the go are very popular with Parisians at lunchtime.

38 rue Cambon, open every day from 8am to 7pm.

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