A Lunch at Michel Sarran - 2 Michelin Stars Restaurant

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Awarded with 2 Michelin stars, the Michel Sarran restaurant is part of the very closed circle of the best restaurants in France and is undoubtedly the most beautiful table in Toulouse. As a native of the pink city, I took the opportunity of one of my visits to sit in this beautiful modern room to taste the high-flying cuisine of the chef! Follow me for the tour!

A Mediatized Chef

There was a time when Michel Sarran was "just" a very good chef. But since the famous "Top Chef" show on M6, he has become a real star! So it was in the heart of his territory, Toulouse, that I had the pleasure of tasting his cuisine, which was awarded 2 macarons in the famous red guide.

Born in the Gers, more precisely in Saint-Martin d'Armagnac, Michel Sarran sharpened his weapons between his dear southwest and the Mediterranean coast before settling in Toulouse in 1995. He explains his inspiration by saying, "I like to create a Latin cuisine drawing my inspiration from the drawers of my memory by playing with lavender and violet, foie gras and parmesan, red mullet and pumpkin, etc."

In the dining room, he leaves the reins to his wife Françoise Sarran who meticulously ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible and who heads a beautiful professional and warm team.

The Lunch

At noon sharp, in a residential area just a stone's throw from the Toulouse city center, welcome to the cozy atmosphere of this beautiful affluent family home. I took a seat in the ground floor room which displays a modern style with beautiful contemporary works, all enhanced by a subtle dimmed light that showcases the dishes. As for the first-floor room, the atmosphere is more intimate, with more of the atmosphere of this family home, including its superb fireplace.

On the plates, it is a modern and colorful cuisine that gives pride of place to flavors ranging from Provence to Gascony. At lunchtime, the Capitole menu at 68€ for 3 courses (with wine and coffee included) is a good introduction to the chef's cuisine. For a better overview of his culinary talents and inventiveness, it is preferable to opt for the Saveurs menu with 5 courses at 130€, or even the Surprise menu (4 courses, cheese and two desserts) at 165€ or at 240€ with the food and wine pairing.

We opted for the Saveurs menu to better discover the chef's cuisine. We started this lunch with delicious appetizers that quickly whet our appetites before getting into the thick of things with the duck foie gras from the Ferme de la Cave, in warm oyster soup, grilled foie gras toast with an oyster leaf. This dish sets the tone with a beautiful enhancement of the terroir and the use of two beautiful products that go perfectly together. We then continued with the long-cooked cod, cress cream with black lemon, pomelos curd, marinated watermelon with Catalan rancio, which was a real favorite for me, especially regarding the perfect cooking of the fish, a real treat!

We move on to the lamb from Aveyron, a croquette of confit shoulder with dates (such a delightful throwback!), chickpea puree accompanied by an Asian-flavored tartare served on a Toulouse brick. A beautiful presentation and exquisite flavors.

It's time for the cheese platter from Xavier to make its entrance, followed by the dessert. An ultra-gourmet delight that satisfied my taste buds sharpened in pastry by sublimating autumnal flavors by combining fig and hazelnut.

Practical information

21 boulevard Armand-Duportal, Toulouse, 31000, France

Open from Monday to Friday except Wednesday for lunch. Strongly recommended to make a reservation several weeks in advance!

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