6 Good Reasons to Stay at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

When you’re staying in Singapore, as in other world capitals, it’s difficult to choose from the plethora of luxury hotels! You can of course find all of the biggest international hotel chains here, but I finally decided to spend about two weeks of the holiday season at the Shangri-La. I should mention that many celebrities and heads of state, including Barack Obama, have stayed at this hotel! Here I’ve listed six good reasons to discover this establishment for a very high-class vacation.

1.  Because It’s the “First One”

The history of this luxury hotel chain starts here in Singapore. In 1971, the very first Shangri-La Hotel opened to a rapidly growing city. At the time, Singapore was the perfect location to welcome a clientele of luxury travelers looking for upscale experiences.

The lobby

The hotel hasn’t aged a bit, thanks to a sweeping renovation project which has helped it to continue today as one of the city’s most beautiful establishments.

2.  For the Exceptional Setting

With its six hectares of land, it’s hard to believe that the hotel lies in the heart of Singapore, a city with more than 5.5 million inhabitants. The surroundings are absolutely gorgeous! You only need to lie down alongside the pool to imagine yourself far from every disturbance (aside perhaps from the other swimmers!).

(© Shangri-La)

Another highly appreciated luxury: enjoying breakfast outside, not far from the pool, while listening to birds singing, an unusual sound in such an urban environment. You can also make the most of the natural surroundings by participating in an outdoor yoga class as I did—a great way to connect with nature!

Luxurious atmosphere !

3.  To Choose a Room That Suits You

The Shangri-La’s 792 rooms are shared among three distinct wings. First of all, we have the “Tower Wing” with its highly contemporary ambiance, thanks to its recent renovation in May 2016. I spent my two-week trip in this part of the hotel, choosing a 38 m² Deluxe Room with every comfort that you would expect from a 5-star hotel. This wing is a favorite for business trips and presents the perfect combination of luxury and practicality.

My Deluxe room with its recent renovation last May(© Shangri-La)

Next we have the “Garden Wing” which offers a more resort-like ambiance. Every room has its own balcony, and as for the suites, they each come with a large sundeck, hot tub, and barbecue pit – everything you need for a vacation atmosphere! Lastly, there’s the “Valley Wing” which is the most luxurious and presents a more classical style. Celebrities tend to choose this wing in particular when they come to the Shangri-La in Singapore.

The Premier suite in the Garden Wing with its jacuzzi and barbecue (© Shangri-La)

The Deluxe suite in the Valley Wing with its classical style (© Shangri-La)

4. Because They’ll Take Care of You

I had the privilege to try the “Wellness” package, which includes a number of activities and meals centered on a healthy lifestyle. We could choose between yoga, healthy cooking classes, massages… in short, three days and two nights completely devoted to taking care of our bodies.

My private yoga course

I started with an hour-long aqua spinning (or aqua cycling) class in the hotel’s outdoor pool, then I extended the benefits of this course with a healthy dinner, which mainly involved fruits and vegetables and avoided gluten, refined sugars, and other elements that should be left out when you’re doing a body detox. The next day, I took part in a private yoga class, then followed up with an ayurvedic massage at the Chi Spa.

The healthy meal in my Wellness Package

The Chi Spa (© Shangri-La)

5. For Its Many Restaurants

There’s an abundance of options when it comes to gourmet dining. The Line, where breakfast is served for those staying in the “Tower Wing,” offers international cuisine. The buffet is absolutely enormous, featuring specialties from around the world, and Asian dishes in particular. A second dining option is the Shang Palace. This Cantonese restaurant serves delicious dim sum for lunch as well as its famous Peking duck. I had the chance to try it several times and I loved it!

The Shang Palace with red and black (© Shangri-La)

The famous dim sum (© Shangri-La)

Next in line is Nami (a Japanese restaurant), Waterfall (Italian), and the lobby, which offers local Peranakan cuisine. The most recent addition, called Origin, opened only in December 2017 and proposes steakhouse-type cuisine along with a cocktail bar, all in an extremely modern atmosphere. I tried one of the signature dishes, Japanese beef (brought in straight from Niigata) along with a large glass of Italian red wine, and let me tell you I was not disappointed!

The Japanese beef in the restaurant Origin was so delicious !

There’s also something to satisfy your sweet tooth: an excellent Afternoon Tea is served at the Rose Veranda, and it would seem that it’s one of the best in the capital…

6. For Its Exceptional Service

In addition to the amenities on offer, the quality of the surroundings, and the fabulous rooms, one of the best features of luxury hotels is of course the service. With more than 700 rooms, you might expect the service at the Shangri-La to be a bit impersonal, but don’t be fooled: the personnel here is highly qualified and has that je-ne-sais-quoi that makes you feel special. Whether it’s in the lobby or in one of the many restaurants, the service is always impeccable!

The Verdict

The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is undoubtedly one of the city’s most luxurious hotels. There’s only one small drawback: its location, while close to the Orchard Road shopping centers, is a bit far from the downtown area, where you can find Singapore’s main tourist attractions. However, it’s truly an oasis of calm with its enormous property and large pool, and the birdsong and omnipresent nature lend it a cocoon atmosphere that’s hard to leave behind! This is all accompanied by highly professional personnel and amenities that are worthy of a 5-star establishment! I’ll certainly hold onto this address for my next trip to Singapore!

Practical Information

  • You can find more information on their website. Several special offers are available.

Thank you to the Shangri-La Singapore for the invitation to the Wellness Package and its news for this end of the yearOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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