My First Stay at the Four Seasons: Welcome to Hong Kong!

(© Four Seasons)

For my first stay at a prestigious Four Seasons hotel (as they say, there’s a first time for everything!), I selected the establishment in Hong Kong, which absolutely swept me off my feet! Its highly central location, classically luxurious rooms and suites (399 in all), gorgeous infinity pool with a breathtaking view, and gourmet restaurants all made for a delightful experience. More below on my two-night stay in one of the city’s most beautiful establishments! 

A Location without Equal

The Four Seasons chain had a grandiose plan for this luxury hotel, opened in 2005 in a 45-story skyscraper amidst Hong Kong’s International Finance Centre. The location couldn’t be better; in the heart of the Central district, this hotel is a pied-à-terre for business and leisure travelers alike, with the ferries to one side of the hotel and the trendy Soho neighborhood, with its boutiques, bars, and restaurants, to the other. 

The location couldn’t be better (© Four Seasons)
One of the most famous views of Hong Kong! (© Four Seasons)

An Astonishing View

Upon arriving in the lobby, I was surprised to see so much natural light streaming in through the enormous picture windows, and I quickly realized that the hotel placed its emphasis on the splendid view. The higher up you go in the skyscraper, the more magical the panorama of Victoria Harbour and the surrounding skyline becomes! On the 45th floor, the Executive Club offers the best view of all, and we spent plenty of time there during our stay. While some establishments propose little in terms of club advantages, the Four Seasons has a fantastic offering: a lounge with a majestic view that guests can admire from the club balcony. This alone makes access to the Executive Club worth it, as you can take advantage of the panorama in the morning at breakfast, during afternoon tea, or while the sun sets (with a cocktail in hand). 

The Lobby (© Four Seasons)
The view from the Executive Club Lounge is absolutely sublime! 
This alone makes access to the Executive Club worth it, as you can take advantage of the panorama in the morning at breakfast, during afternoon tea, or while the sun sets (© Four Seasons)

Less high up, but just as spectacular, the infinity pool located on the sixth floor makes for a setting that’s unbelievably beautiful! Aside from taking a swim, guests can make the most of the pool area by joining one of the tai chi lessons that take place here on weekend mornings! 

Timeless Luxury in the 399 Rooms and Suites

The hotel’s 54 suites and 345 rooms all offer plenty of space, and guests can choose between a Chinese-inspired design and a more Western esthetic. As for the view, rooms either face the Peak or, more impressive still, Victoria Harbour. Our Deluxe Room, with its view of Victoria Harbour, was ideal for our two nights. This category offers 45 m² of neutral tones, quality furniture, and a marble bathroom, all in a display of classic luxury.

Our Deluxe Room with a view of Victoria Harbour was perfect for two nights! 
The view is magnificent both day and night
It’s easy to see how dense the city is from up here! 
The bathroom

The Spa at the Four Seasons: The Top Wellness Destination in Hong Kong

A stay at the Four Seasons Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without a day at the spa, known as one of the best in the city. Spread over 2000 m², this establishment rolls out the red carpet with its fabulous treatments, administered in 17 treatment rooms. Everything in the center contributes to guests’ relaxation and well-being, with facilities including a sauna and a jacuzzi.

The spa is known for being one of the best in the city (© Four Seasons)

Dinner at Caprice: Three Michelin Stars

The Four Seasons is home to one of the best French restaurants in all of Hong Kong. Awarded three Michelin stars, Caprice features a glamorous look with its majestic crystal chandeliers and interior design inspired by 1930s Shanghai, all surrounding an open kitchen. Guillaume Galliot is at the helm of the establishment; this talented chef trained at the Jardin des Sens before setting off to work in several Asian cities, finally settling at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. 

Caprice features a glamorous look with its majestic crystal chandeliers and interior design inspired by 1930s Shanghai, all surrounding an open kitchen (© Four Seasons)

The dishes are impeccably presented, with every effort made to leave guests with an unforgettable gastronomic impression. Our tasting menu went above and beyond our expectations, such that it was difficult to choose a favorite, though I personally adored the lobster, foie gras, and truffles. The wine list includes over 1400 references, most of them French, which are beautifully paired with the various dishes as well as with French cheeses from the best producers. 

At the start of our tasting menu
Dans les assiettes, dressées de façon impeccable, tout est fait pour créer une émotion gastronomique inoubliable
Lobster from Brittany, pan-fried foie gras, Perigord truffles, morels
Sole with saffron
The Kagoshima beef is fantastic! 
The cheese platter is a must at Caprice! 
The pré-dessert
Chocolate banana millefeuille with cacao sorbet 
Mini desserts

Other Dining Options

As if one three-star restaurant were not enough, the Four Seasons also offers a three-star Cantonese restaurant, the first Chinese restaurant to receive such an award. Chef Chan Yan Tak offers an imaginative menu, striking a subtle balance between tradition and modernity. 

At lunch time, the dim sum menu is wildly popular! (© Four Seasons)

The Lounge is without a doubt the beating heart of the hotel, and is never empty! Renowned throughout the city, The Lounge is the place to be in Hong Kong! Guests can enjoy breakfast there in the morning, while at lunch and dinnertime, the menu places an emphasis on Western and Asian flavors. In the afternoon, The Lounge offers a delicious teatime menu along with a live classical music performance. 

Sushi Saito, the famous three-starred Tokyoite restaurant, opened its first foreign location at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Experienced foodies will appreciate the freshness and quality of the fish served here, imported daily from Japan. As for the bars, you can finish your evening at the Blue Bar with its superb cocktails and exciting atmosphere, or at the Caprice Bar with its wine and cheese pairings and understated ambiance. Both are gems that you won’t want to miss! 

The Blue Bar (© Four Seasons)
Caprice Bar with its wine and cheese pairings and understated ambiance (© Four Seasons)

The Verdict

The Four Seasons Hong Kong has a grand vision: it offers nearly 400 classically luxurious rooms and suites, several Michelin-starred restaurants (great for even the most demanding gourmet diners), one of the most prestigious spas in the whole city, and an ideal location. It’s the perfect place for a stay in Hong Kong, with an incredible view that’s visible from every part of the hotel! The service is also exemplary – just what you’d expect of a five-star hotel. This establishment proposes fabulous luxury that stands the test of time, making the Four Seasons Hong Kong a true gem in this city! 

I loved:

  • The view from the rooms and lounge is just breathtaking! It’s really shown to its best advantage! 
  • Two 3-Michelin-starred restaurants: it’s a paradise for foodies! 
  • One of the best spas in the city, not to mention the superb infinity pool with a view! 

I disliked: 

  • The décor in the rooms is a bit too classic for my taste! 

Practical Information

  • More information available on their website
  • Deluxe Room with port view starting at 790 € per night in February 2018

Thank you to the Four Seasons HK for the invitation to explore their establishmentOf course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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