The White Salon: The Restaurant to Try During Your Stay in Budapest

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Nestled in the heart of Budapest, the Anantara New York Palace hotel is a Belle Époque gem that has defied time. Although its origins date back to 1894, this majestic building has been meticulously restored to reemerge in 2006 as a luxury hotel. Today, the prestigious hotel ranks among the most sumptuous establishments in the Hungarian capital. Within it is the White Salon, an exceptional restaurant where we had the immense privilege of dining during our visit to Budapest. Immersion!

A Mythical Hotel

Opened in 1894, the New York Palace Budapest is a magnificent Belle Époque palace, drawing inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, and Art Nouveau for its architecture. From its inauguration, the first two floors of the palace housed the offices of the New York Life insurance company, with the other floors serving as living quarters for the employees. During the two World Wars, the palace closed its doors and suffered considerable damage. Reassigned as a sports store and tourism office in the 1950s, it again closed its doors for a period in the 1990s. But in May 2006, it rose from its ashes as a luxury hotel, and in 2020, it was integrated into the prestigious portfolio of Anantara Hotels, Resorts, and Spas.

© Anantara
© Anantara

Today, the Anantara New York Palace Budapest undoubtedly ranks among the most sumptuous luxury hotels in the Hungarian capital. At the heart of this emblematic place is the White Salon, a restaurant where we had the pleasure of dining during our getaway to Budapest.

Elegance and Grandeur

The White Salon restaurant creates an environment of exquisite intimacy and romance, magnified by warm lighting and comfortable seating - an idyllic setting for a cozy dinner with friends or a tête-à-tête.

© Anantara
© Anantara

Perched on the first floor, directly above the sumptuous New York Café, the White Salon stands out as the stage for a unique gastronomic experience, crowned by both courteous and relaxed service. While being comfortably away from the hustle and bustle, you can appreciate the continuous animation of the café below, all accompanied by a panoramic view.

© Anantara
© Anantara

The restaurant is ultra-glamorous with its walls adorned in white and gold (hence the inspiration for its name), its golden columns, its sparkling chandeliers, and its majestic mirrors. Every detail has been worked on and adds to the elegance of the place, subtly reminding us that we are indeed in a palace. The cherry on top, the musical accompaniment of a pianist perfectly animates the atmosphere during dinner.

Essential Hungarian Gastronomy

Executive Chef András Wolf showcases traditional Hungarian cuisine on the international stage. He favors authentic and local ingredients to develop creative menus, from four to seven courses, accompanied by carefully selected wines.

© Anantara
© Anantara

His primary mission is to preserve and reinvent traditional Hungarian dishes. Through his experiments over the years, a new culinary philosophy was born: Essential Hungarian Gastronomy. This innovative concept strives to maintain the most crucial fundamentals of dishes - their taste - while innovating in terms of texture, shape, preparation, and presentation, thus giving birth to even more flavorful modern creations.

Refined Local Recipes

Comfortably seated at our table, we explore the menu while admiring the majestic room of the New York Café below. The atmosphere is exceptional and it is difficult to remain indifferent to the opulent radiance that dazzles us.

After savoring some inventive and delicious appetizers, we start this dinner with the starters: duck liver, brioche, red fruits, a Hungarian delicacy full of refinement and lightness.

We continue with a flat iron steak accompanied by a stew sauce, plum and filled choux for him, and Mangalica pork chop, ramen velouté, radish, and 'dodolle' (typical potato dumplings of the region) for me. Delicious and innovative dishes, anchored in Hungarian tradition but revisited in a lighter and more contemporary way.

As for the desserts, they are also very original, to the point that we do not exactly know what to expect before tasting them. But we were not disappointed, far from it! We opted for the guba (a local version of our French toast), accompanied by yogurt ice cream and coriander. An original combination, especially with the coriander which surprises in a sweet recipe! Our second choice was the cherry rice pudding, elegantly presented and just as delicious! We concluded this wonderful dinner with some delicacies before leaving the restaurant with superb gastronomic memories.

My Opinion

From our entrance into the Anantara New York Palace Budapest, we were immediately captivated by the splendor of this luxury establishment. This impression of opulence continues into the White Salon, with its refined decor and offering a spectacular view of the New York Café! We were seduced by the modern reinterpretation of the proposed Hungarian dishes, giving the impression of having rediscovered local gastronomy with an additional touch of sophistication. It was a memorable evening and a dinner of exceptional quality that I highly recommend during your next stay in Budapest.

Practical Information

  • More information on their website
  • Open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner (6 pm to midnight)
  • A big thank you to the White Salon for the invitation to discover their establishment. Of course, I remain free in my remarks in this article!

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