A Fabulous Ride in a 2015 Mustang

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Nothing like a magnificent Canadian route for testing the brand new 2015 Ford Mustang! Follow me along a winding, fir tree-lined path and explore this 100% American sports car!

A 100% USA Muscle Car!

This past August, I made the most of my stay in Canada by trying a 6th generation Ford Mustang. Created in 1964, this superb American car has been enchanting thrill-seeking drivers for years! But it also features a purely American style, with its long hood and large rims that make “muscle car” enthusiasts’ hearts skip a beat.

At 4.78 m long and 1.96 m wide (15.7 x 6.4 ft), it’s a far cry from the small vehicles that have taken over in European cities. Such dimensions aren’t a problem in the least on Canadian or American roads, but I think it would be a different story in France: no way could you drive a car this big through a narrow parking garage.

A Matter of Style

Expressive, classy—these are the words I’d use to describe this beautiful car. To keep me company over the next ten days, I’ll be at the wheel of a dark green convertible with a 2.3 EcoBoost engine using 317 Hp. Initially, this legendary car leaves me speechless: perfect curves, a sporty style with its 19-inch rims, and a modern interior. In terms of options, I might mention its leather upholstery, a parking aid device with a rearview camera, ventilated seats… in short, it’s truly a gem of modern innovation. But my favorite feature is this clever little gadget: when you open the car door, you’ll see a projection on the ground, in blue light, of the famous horse logo! Super classy!

And What’s It Like to Drive?

As for driving, 317 Hp is difficult to get going… I should mention that with the car’s 1655 kg (close to two tons) there’s a lot of weight to carry. The acceleration is pleasant and smooth, but lacks the thrust you can get from a Porsche 911 for example. The sound is also a bit light—a sport exhaust mode would be nice. Our hair blowing in the wind, a few sharp turns on the Canadian road remind us that it’s more fun to drive on long, straight stretches rather than on curves, as the vehicle’s traction is not its best feature.

My Overall Impression

At such a high price, you might tell me that there’s better on the market, and I’d have to agree with you. But the undeniable advantage to this car is its exoticism: It’s rare to see this kind of vehicle in France, even if in the States it’s a sports model among many others. I wouldn’t recommend that you buy this Mustang, but if ever you’re on the North American continent, don’t hesitate to rent one!

Practical information

French rates :

2.3 Ecoboost 314 ch manual 6 : 39 000 €

2.3 Ecoboost 314 ch auto 6 : 41 000 €
V8 5.0 GT 418 ch manual 6 : 44 000 €
V8 5.0 GT 418 ch auto 6 : 46 000 €

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