Quinta da Comporta: The New Hype Address in Portugal

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

After a long break on Experiences Luxe, it's time to hit the road again and discover the world's most beautiful establishments! First stop, Portugal! After 6 months in Lisbon, I had the pleasure of staying 3 nights in a superb eco-chic hotel that has more than one trick up its sleeve! Follow me and discover Quinta da Comporta!

An unknown gem for a few happy fews

Just 1h30 from the Portuguese capital, Comporta is a wild and preserved natural region, safe from mass tourism. In this privileged setting, local son Miguel Câncio Martins fulfilled his dream: to create a luxury hotel that respects the environment and showcases the beauty and richness of his region. In 2019, Quinta da Comporta opened its doors in a breathtaking environment: fragrant pines, endless rice fields, quaint villages, and just a few kilometers away, the vast beaches of Pego and Carvalhal along the Atlantic Ocean. He also implemented an ecological approach, respecting this beloved environment as much as possible!

A chic hideaway that smells like vacation

There's a holiday atmosphere that envelops us from the first steps into this confidential address. Once the car is parked in the underground parking (which has the merit of not altering the place with huge parking lots!), we wander through the property where old rice warehouses have been demolished and rebuilt identically. They now welcome the few lucky ones who come to drop their suitcases for a few nights.

The architecture of the buildings is perfectly integrated into the panorama of this wild region, creating a superb harmony. The omnipresent nature, made up of fruit trees, pines, and aromatic plants, is an integral part of the hotel.

Bohemian chic decor in tune with the times

The tone is set from the reception, where you are welcomed in this bohemian chic lounge to check-in while admiring the rice fields. In this season (early May), nature is timid, but in summer the landscape is luxuriantly beautiful!

We head to our Deluxe Room, the first category of room offered among the 73 keys of the establishment. In this beautiful 40m2 space, the architect has favored natural materials such as reeds dressing the wardrobe doors, rope light fixtures, sisal carpets, and even little straw-woven decor items. In terms of color palette, neutral tones have been chosen to create a beautiful unity and a rustic chic look. Like all rooms, the Deluxe Room is extended by a terrace or balcony, a welcome exterior to enjoy the sun. The bathroom opens onto a patio, offering beautiful light and optimum comfort.

For those seeking more comfort, they can opt for the suites, which are more spacious and have a living room and sometimes even a kitchen depending on the category chosen, or even one of the 4 villas with 3 bedrooms and a private pool.

A gastronomic gem

The Quinta da Comporta scored points in dining! We had the pleasure of dining there two evenings, and the flavors were on point. First, a few words about the place itself: a superb wooden dining room with large windows to contemplate the landscape! It's a real pleasure at sunset, accompanied by a good glass of local wine or a cocktail! In the plates, Chef Joao Sousa works wonders with a concise and tasty menu, most ingredients sourced from the nearby vegetable garden. He offers local, seasonal cuisine that perfectly fits the eco-chic style of the hotel.

In the morning, breakfast was a beautiful discovery! Fresh, quality products and made-to-order eggs. Homemade bread and pastries, daily detox juice, and jams, it's top-notch for a hotel of this standing and quite isolated! I was pleasantly surprised and must say that enjoying breakfast with these delicious treats, overlooking the pool and rice fields in the distance, guarantees an excellent day!

A bubble of well-being at Oryza Spa

For wellness enthusiasts, the spa is the ideal option to unwind. In this former wooden farm now houses an indoor pool and 6 treatment cabins. As for the cosmetic products, a whole range of natural Oryza Spa treatments were specially created for Quinta da Comporta. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the spa was closed and I couldn't see it for myself!

Activities galore!

The superb 40-meter infinity pool is the perfect spot to enjoy the panorama while cooling off! The setting is just gorgeous, perfect for a few strokes on beautiful days. And for those looking for more intense activities, it's hard to get bored! Why not cycle through the rice fields! The hotel offers (for a fee) traditional or electric bikes to ride in this wild region. For horse lovers, a nearby equestrian center (Cavalos na Areia) offers beach rides for all levels! I had the pleasure of going there and must say it was one of my best equestrian experiences while traveling! And in season, many water activities are offered on the nearby beaches.

My opinion:

Quinta da Comporta is the perfect spot to unwind for a few nights in a privileged, very summery environment! This confidential address will be appreciated by fine palates with its locavore and regional dishes, not to mention the breakfast that is worth the detour! The more active will not have the chance to get bored with the beautiful range of activities within the hotel or close by, while others can enjoy the pool or the beach!

My tip: Opt for the mid-season to enjoy the tranquility of the place and stay at least 3 nights to make the most of the activities!

I liked:

  • An amazing setting in nature and the feeling of being cut off from the world.
  • Chic seaside resort but still (and I hope for a long time) preserved from mass tourism and its excesses!
  • High-level dining, special mention for the breakfast!

I regretted:

  • Non-existent soundproofing! Unacceptable in a new building to hear every move of your neighbor through the wall.
  • Staff need to step up, service very amateurish...
  • About the large villas, on paper they're luxurious but in reality, I was somewhat disappointed seeing them: standing in the middle of the property, they offer no privacy as everyone can see the private pool and the house, a pity!

Practical information

  • Stay as part of a 3-night package at a very attractive rate during this particular period. In high season (July/August 2021), expect around 500€ for a Deluxe Room.
  • Consider having a drink or dining at the Sublime Comporta Beach Club bar, the setting is great and the quality is there.
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