A cosy evening at the Connaught Bar

There are bars that make you feel absolutely terrific when you arrive and make you really want to spend a long there ! Even more so that this evening was a really special occasion : it was the 15th anniversary with my partner and I wanted to take him to a place that he would appreciate ! We took an English taxi, roamed the very chic Mayfair area before stopping in front of the city’s most beautiful hotels : the Connaught.

The atmosphere

When I walked through the doors of the Connaught Bar, I was immediately seduced by the overall atmosphere : soft lighting made it a very intimate place, there were fake crocodile seats and small tables scattered here and there. It was designed by the famous David Collins to whom we owe the design work of other ultra chic places in the capital. He was inspired by English and Irish 1920s cubism when designing this place and the result is absolutely perfect.

© Connaught Bar

© Connaught Bar

© Connaught Bar

What can you drink there ?

Once we were cosily sitting in out seats, we were offered a complimentary appetizer : a tot of gin to which was added some fruit juice. Now it’s time for us to scrutinize the cocktail menu which has been devised by mixologist Agostino Perrone. The menu is a fusion between tradition and innovation, old-fashioned cocktails living alongside very audacious preparations. If you decide on a signature cocktail, why not try the Martini Trolley !

For me, this would be the Mulata Daisy, with a dark rum base, cocoa cream and fennel seeds and for sir it would be a Madame Pickford with an 18 year old Chivas base. It’s a question of taste and it goes without saying that the cocktails are absolutely divine ! To calm our stomachs, olives and crackers are served with the drinks but you can also order from a selection of sandwiches.

The delicious cocktails by Agostino Perrone (© Connaught Bar)

My opinion

If this this bar is considered as one of the most prestigious and holds the title as the best bar in the world in 2016 is not by accident. Everything is absolutely perfect but it is mostly due to the glamorous and cosy atmosphere that I feel is this divine place’s major asset.

Practical information

  • Carlos Place, Myfair London
  • Let’s go to the website
  • Open from Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 1am and Sunday from 4pm to midnight.
  • Dress code : smart casual
  • Price of our cocktails : 17 and 19£
  • Mixology course from 250£

Do you know the Connaught Bar ? Have you tasted their superb cocktails ? Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.

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