Pierchic: The Most Romantic Italian Restaurant in Dubai

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Nestled in the heart of the luxury hotel Jumeirah Al Qasr is the restaurant Pierchic. This establishment offers an unprecedented culinary experience: imagine dining on a private jetty, with the waves lapping in the background and a breathtaking panoramic view. A magical combination of elegance, refinement and authentic gastronomy displaying a romantic ambiance, perfect for lunch or dinner for two. Step in and prepare to be amazed by all that Pierchic has to offer!

An Exceptional Setting

Nestled in the heart of the luxury hotel Jumeirah Al Qasr, Pierchic is an exceptional table, a showcase of Italian flavors in the middle of the Persian Gulf. Its location on the hotel's private jetty gives it a unique character, and offers guests a peerless experience, punctuated by the lapping of the waves and a breathtaking panoramic view.

© Pierchic

From the moment you arrive at the 5-star hotel, the journey to Pierchic is a true voyage through elegance and refinement. The entrance to the hotel, marked by a lush tree-lined avenue and adorned with a fountain decorated with golden horses, sets the tone for a luxurious experience. The journey through the hotel, which blends tradition and modernity, can be done by buggy, an option that adds an exotic touch to the experience.

Pierchic then reveals itself, majestic, at the end of the jetty. Emerging from the waters of the Persian Gulf, the restaurant offers a spectacular panorama of the iconic Burj Al Arab, a breathtaking spectacle that guarantees it an undisputed place among the must-have experiences in Dubai.

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The interior of the restaurant reflects its location: contemporary, airy, and relaxed. The glass walls offer a stunning view of the Burj Al-Arab and allow guests to enjoy the spectacle while savoring their meal in air-conditioned comfort, especially appreciated during the summer season. In season, the terrace is the ideal place for al fresco dining, lulled by the gentle sea breeze.

© Pierchic
© Pierchic

On the Plates

Pierchic restaurant offers a culinary experience that goes well beyond the idyllic setting. Under the guidance of chef Beatrice Segoni, the menu offers a stunning range of dishes, ranging from refined dishes with the taste of caviar and oysters to more elaborate creations such as chicken liver bruschetta or cannolo Siciliano salata.

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After starting in the world of fashion, Beatrice Segoni turned to gastronomy. She honed her skills in the charming restaurant in Porto Recanati and then at the renowned Borgo San Jacopo in Florence, where she worked for 14 years. Her passion for food is reflected in her culinary creations, where she masterfully fuses Italian traditions with local ingredients.

Although Pierchic's menu naturally highlights seafood, the chef has ensured to satisfy all palates by also offering meat and vegetable-based creations. Sustainability is at the heart of the restaurant's philosophy, a concern that is also reflected in its wine list, which exclusively offers organic vintages produced sustainably.

Our Lunch

We started this lunch with a delicate palette of refreshingly delicious starters: a Carpaccio di Polpo, tasty octopus carpaccio, an Insalata di Granchio, crab salad adorned with a cucumber gel, green apple, bell pepper and a crunchy quinoa, as well as a Tartare di Ricciola, a subtle combination of amberjack, marinated cherries, and quinoa.

We continued our culinary journey with the Ravioli del Plin, emblematic of the Piedmont region, as well as the Chitarrina Alla Pescatora, a harmonious blend of tagliolini, squid, clams, shrimp and mussels. These authentically Italian recipes allowed us to escape through Italy and its richly flavored gastronomy.

To conclude this sumptuous meal, it was practically impossible to resist the call of the traditional and essential tiramisu, beautifully accompanied by some delicacies and a strong coffee. The dessert menu is a real parade of temptations, each option more tempting than the previous one. However, the tiramisu remains the perfect choice to punctuate a meal, establishing a perfect balance between lightness and indulgence.

As for the service, it is impeccable, offering a perfect balance between sophistication and conviviality. The team welcomes its guests with passion and professionalism, making each meal a memorable experience.

My Opinion

Although Dubai is home to many exceptional restaurants, all as delicious as each other, Pierchic stands out for its unique setting. This restaurant on stilts offers a breathtaking panorama, facing the modern architecture of the Burj Al Arab. On the plates, the spectacle continues with tasty Italian recipes, while the service remains impeccable. Pierchic is a must-visit destination for a romantic evening!

Practical Information

  • More information on their website
  • Open every day for lunch and dinner
  • A big thank you to Pierchic for the invitation to discover their establishment. Of course, I remain free in my words in this article!

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