Park Hyatt Dubai: A Luxurious Jewel in the Heart of the Marina

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

The Park Hyatt Dubai is a luxurious haven of peace at the heart of the marina, providing a break from the frenzy of Dubai. With its architecture inspired by Moorish and Mediterranean traditions, the resort offers spacious rooms, including the Park Suite where we stayed, as well as a breathtaking view. Top-notch facilities and high-end restaurants make it one of the standout resorts in Dubai.

An Idyllic Setting in the Heart of the Marina

In the enchanting setting of the Dubai Creek Resort, Park Hyatt Dubai is a luxurious retreat where tranquility and elegance meet harmoniously. Located just a 10-minute drive from the airport, Dubai Mall, and Burj Khalifa, this idyllic resort offers a serene getaway, while still being close to Dubai's most sought-after attractions.

Minimalist Luxury

Park Hyatt Dubai is a true oasis of minimalist luxury, where understated elegance meets architecture inspired by Moorish and Mediterranean traditions. Whitewashed buildings, crowned with blue domes, blend harmoniously into the landscape while walls draped with bougainvilleas bring a touch of color. Inside, spaces are bathed in soothing desert colors while mashrabiya-patterned woodwork adds a touch of authenticity.

My Spacious Park Suite

The resort offers a selection of 223 rooms, including 34 suites, each with a balcony or terrace offering breathtaking views of Dubai Creek, the sparkling skyline, or the beautiful lagoon.

During our stay, we had the privilege of staying in the Park Suite, a luxurious 109 m² retreat adorned in neutral tones and offering a perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. This sumptuous suite has a separate bedroom, two terraces with a stunning view of the marina, a spacious bathroom with its adjoining dressing room, and a perfectly arranged living room with a workspace.

© Park Hyatt
© Park Hyatt

An Aperitif to Start the Evening

Park Hyatt Dubai is a true culinary paradise, offering the best of Western, Mediterranean, Spanish, Thai, and French cuisine. We chose NOÉPE to start our evening with its relaxed and refined atmosphere inspired by the coastal splendor of Cape Cod. We fully enjoyed this beautiful setting to toast with two glasses of wine, a Bordeaux for the gentleman and a Minuty rosé for me.

Our Dinner at The Thai Kitchen

We then sat down at The Thai Kitchen, renowned for its authentic Thai cuisine. Inside, a huge glass kitchen allows guests to admire the chefs in the heat of the action, recreating the lively aspect of the small street food stands of Bangkok.

© Park Hyatt

The dinner offered us a real gustatory journey through Thailand. As a starter, we savored the delicious Gai Satay chicken skewers and the Goong Tod Nam breaded shrimp. For the main course, we opted for the classic must-haves of Thai cuisine: pad Thai and pineapple fried rice, which were as tasty as the ones we had tasted in Thailand a few weeks earlier.

Finally, to conclude our feast, we succumbed to the mango sticky rice, a delicious contrast between mango and ultra-comforting coconut. We were charmed by this flavorful culinary experience!

The Spa

Amara Spa offers an idyllic setting for relaxation and a wide range of treatments, including massages, facials, and exclusive rituals. I didn't get a chance to try it, maybe next time!

Top Activities

The resort is a true paradise for golfers, with its superb course offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. For those who prefer to relax in the sun, the 5-star hotel offers a beautiful pool lined with palm trees and complemented by four jacuzzis.

© Park Hyatt
© Park Hyatt

The atmosphere at Lagoon Beach by Twiggy is different with its majestic 100-meter infinity pool designed to resemble a tropical lagoon. The poolside is even covered with sand, creating a heavenly ambiance. The setting is stunning, ultra-chic thanks to the collaboration with Ralph Lauren, but also ideal for having a good time. I had the pleasure of lounging on a deckchair during my arrival on a Sunday afternoon. While the weekend atmosphere is rather lively (without being too much!), during the week it's more of a chill atmosphere.

© Park Hyatt
© Park Hyatt

Twiggy by La Cantine is also a must-visit culinary destination at Park Hyatt. Inspired by the atmosphere of the French Riviera, one can enjoy dishes with Mediterranean flavors.

The Breakfast

There's nothing like starting the day by savoring a delicious breakfast at the Park Brasserie, which offers a panoramic view of the marina. At the guests' disposal is a varied and decadent breakfast buffet, as well as a la carte dishes made to order. It offers a harmonious fusion of Western flavors and Arab influences, like the famous shakshuka eggs. For lovers of sophistication, refined preparations are also on the menu, such as the Eggs Royale, garnished with caviar, which I had the pleasure of tasting!

© Park Hyatt

The Verdict

If I had to mention the best asset of Park Hyatt Dubai, it would unequivocally be its idyllic setting on the Dubai Creek. Facing the marina, one can escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still being close enough to fully visit it. The resort offers a luxurious atmosphere with its delicious restaurants and proposes a multitude of activities, notably the Lagoon Beach where one can lounge for hours.

I liked:

  • A superb view of the marina
  • A very authentic Thai restaurant
  • A great ambiance at Twiggy, trendy but not too much
  • I regretted:

  • The breakfast was disturbed by many crows roaming around the outdoor tables, not very pleasant for relaxing...
  • Practical Information

  • More information on their website
  • Park Suite at a rate of 720€ in April 2023
  • A big thank you to Park Hyatt Dubai for the invitation to discover their establishment. Of course, I remain free to express my thoughts in this article!

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