My Trip to Sweden: 15 Days Amid Nordic Beauty

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

In the middle of summer, when the days are long (nearly 18 hours of sunlight!), Sweden is the ideal destination for a nature road trip! The countryside is filled with beautiful green expanses interspersed with typical red houses, giving it a unique and recognizable look.

We began our journey with a stop in Stockholm, a trendy but nature-filled capital worth visiting for a few days. We then got back in our rented car and headed north to Falun to visit its mine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we took time to admire the wild nature of Sweden, especially around Lake Siljan in the beautiful county of Dalarna, a place highly appreciated by the locals.

Next up, we traveled along the highly recommended western coast of Sweden, including the famous village of Fjällbacka, but we also took time to see several other villages that were just as charming! Grebbestad, Tjörn… We also explored Gothenburg, which is worth a visit.

Florence Consul

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