The Perfect Flight with Aer Lingus Business Class

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

For my flight from Chicago to Dublin last September, I had a chance to travel for the first time with Aer Lingus, in Business Class! Here we go for a seven-hour flight in an A330 aircraft that will take me back to Europe!

Aer Lingus is an Irish airline that connects Dublin with a number of important European cities, as well as certain airports in the USA. As of 2015, they’ve updated their business class to suit their ever more demanding clientele with the latest, state-of-the-art amenities.

Business Class Benefits at the Airport

It all begins at the airport, with priority check-in and access to the business lounge. Unfortunately I didn’t get to check out their lounge as I was short on time, but I certainly did appreciate the priority check-in! I enter the A330 plane that will peacefully (I hope!) bring me back to Europe, and am greeted with a glass of champagne to welcome me aboard.

Next, a Super-Comfortable Seat

Once my things are stowed away in the overhead compartment, I settle cozily into my seat. But it’s ot just an ordinary plane seat! It’s more like a hi-tech/lounge/bed/desk/dining seat, an all-in-one chair, which will make this a pleasant flight. I should mention that you can lower the seat all the way, up to 180°, and since I simply can’t sleep while sitting up, it’s an absolute blessing to be able to get some rest on this long journey! For when I’m awake, there’s free wifi available in business class, a fantastic perk which allows customers to work, for example.

Mon siège tout confort pour mon vol de 7h
La console pour mon siège ... vous noterez le mode massage ^^

And Optimized Storage

The storage on board is also very practical, as I have a huge collection of books, magazines, and travel guides, as well as my Kindle and computer (to name a few), to keep me entertained during the flight. If you’re like me (that is to say, worse than a kid during a car trip), you’ll understand that I need a wide variety of activities to keep me occupied throughout the journey. But that was really only necessary before I could sleep on the plane! And this high-class seat is a revelation…

L'écran 16 pouces avec plus de 90h de tv, 1000 albums de musique et la vidéo à la demande

And the Food?

The meals are of much better quality than what you’ll find in economy. It goes without saying that the food is served on dishes, and not in aluminum containers. On the menu, I can choose one of three courses, and for dessert, I can pick a chocolate fondant cake or a cheese platter accompanied by a class of Bordeaux. The service is very pleasant, the personnel much more attentive to the comfort of their passengers than in standard class.

Petite mise en bouche
Au menu, un filet d'agneau aux herbes accompagné de pommes de terres fondantes et épinards
Un moelleux au chocolat pour prendre des forces !!!

The Arrival

Un petit dej avant atterrissage

It’s 5 in the morning, almost time to land. After enjoying my breakfast on board, I gear up to disembark, pick up my suitcase (business class luggage has priority, which is fantastic!), and catch my next flight, headed to Ibiza! A business lounge is available in Dublin, with showers and snacks, but I can’t take a moment to try it out as it’s already time to board the next plane!

A Little Tip from Flo

I benefited from this business class flight for a small price. I had initially bought a ticket in economy, and a few days before my trip, I received an email from Aer Lingus offering to upgrade me to business if I paid an additional cost. It’s very simple: there’s a bidding system which allows travelers to choose the additional sum they’re willing to pay to travel in business. Shortly before my flight, I received an email from the airline stipulating that my offer had been accepted, and that I could get an upgrade. It’s an ingenious system that they have, win-win for the airline and for its passengers!

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