Dubai : My VIP Experience at the Burj Khalifa

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Dubai, extravagant city between futuristic buildings, vast shopping centers and hotels even more luxurious, there are many superlatives to qualify it ! And it is obviously here that I could climb in the highest tower of the world ! Let's go for the visit !

In December 2014, I spent a few days in Dubai: I left the 5 °C of Paris for a delicious 28 °C, ideal to discover the city. I took the opportunity to visit the Burj Khalifa: it is the tallest tower in the world with its 828m high, enough to let yourself be tempted by the adventure! I bought my ticket on the net a little week ago and I opted for the visit “at the top sky” which is a bit of a visit in VIP mode of the tower. I will have to pay a little more than twice the normal rate (about 500 AED vs 200 AED) but the experience is well worth the detour!

A princely arrival

Everything begins at the arrival, where the queue for the VIP version is much less than for the classic (at first glance an hour of queue for the normal version): undeniable asset when one is an impatient like me! We are waiting a few minutes in a cozy room with oriental pastries and then we go to the lifts reserved exclusively for those who have the famous pass! For those who have chosen the ordinary ticket, the queue continues at the level of the elevators, what to comfort me in my choice!

On our way to the 148th floor !

Here we go for the ascension: a first elevator takes us up to the 125 floor and then a second towards the 148, all in just a few minutes! All of course in an exceptional atmosphere with little sweet music in background, dim light and explanation on the height of the tower.

A real balcony over Dubai

When we get to the 148th, the view is breathtaking. It is 5:15 pm, the sun goes down and the view of the city is impregnable! A slight feeling of dizziness overcame me so much that you feel like dominating the city. The inside of the building is magic: sofas and very contemporary furniture, small ovens and drinks served with a smile, all with a 360 ° view on Dubai! We can even enjoy a small terrace in the open air that allows visitors to take some pictures without reflections. On one side we can admire the sea while on the other we can imagine the desert nearby! A quiet atmosphere reigns there because there are few people (the number of places is limited) and I can take the opportunity to make multiple photos and of course to admire the landscape.

Original and entertaining animations

For a maximum fluidity, the visit time to the 148th floor is limited to 30 minutes although no one will come to dislodge us if we stay a few minutes more. I then go back down to the 125th; It is now dark and the buildings light up little by little! At the foot of the tower, the fountains show begins (in the same spirit as that of the Bellagio in Las Vegas). One of the key attractions at this level of the Burj Khalifa is the Falcon's Eye View, which offers an aerial view of the city with some explanation.

But what struck me the most is the telescopes spread along the bay window that allows a direct view, day, night but also a historical vision of the buildings that surrounds us. It is at this moment that we realize the exponential and very recent construction of the city but also that Dubai was built on a desert!

If you are in Dubai, I highly recommend visiting the Burj Khalifa! Despite having a lot of extraordinary views (Empire State Building in New York, Grand Canyon, …), the view of the highest platform in the world is still exceptional in my eyes!

 Practical information

  • Getting to Dubai: with the Emirates, one of the most luxurious in the world !
  • To book your tickets: the site of the Burj Khalifa
  • For hotels it's hard to give you a selection so many luxury hotels are there, and there are new ones each week! I recommend you go and visit Booking.com
  • For activities, do not hesitate to consult my post on the 10 good reasons to go to Dubai.
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