Delicious Breakfast at the London Dorchester

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

When one thinks of London, images of Big Ben, Piccadilly or even Hyde Park inevitably come to mind. However, in this city, there are several luxury hotels where it is essential either to stay (in the best cases), or even to go and enjoy an English Afternoon Tea or a generous and sophisticated breakfast !

To do this, walk in the direction of the Dorchester, which has been an iconic palace since its creation in 1930s. Its address is desirable, only a few feet from Hyde Park, in the very chic area of Myfair where it is absolutely lovely to take a walk.

Once you have walked through the Dorchester’s beautiful and imposing doors, you enter into this mythical place’s very chic lobby. I went to “The Promenade” which forms the heart of the hotel. The decor is magnificent, the link between the past and the present is very harmonious and contributes to a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Although this is a traditional place for afternoon tea (that I will have to try one day), I came here to enjoy their breakfast.

On the menu, we need to choose between 4 breakfasts and also the main menu. I decided on a Traditional English Breakfast consisting of a fresh fruit juice, a hot drink, a fruit salad, a basket of pastries and a dish of several choices : this would be pancakes for me and an omelette for my partner.

The service is very professional, mainly due to the establishment’s high standing. In short, I spent a very nice morning in this London hotel and it was difficult to leave its soft seats where we were so comfortably sitting !

Practical information

  • 53 Park Lane W1K 1 QA UK London
  • Mail : [email protected]
  • Think about reserving a table online on their website
  • Breakfast from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 11am and Sunday from 7.30am to 11am.
  • Do you know the Dorchester in London ? Or have you tasted a superb breakfast in a luxury hotel in the capital ? Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.

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