Artesse Restaurant: A Polish Gastronomic Odyssey in Krakow

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

It is within the sumptuous setting of the prestigious H15 Luxury Palace that we had the honor of savoring Polish cuisine in all its gastronomic splendor. The history-laden atmosphere of this former palace provides the perfect backdrop for an exquisite high-flying dinner. Here is the account of this enchanting and gourmet evening!

A Historical Hotel

Nestled in the picturesque old town of Krakow, the H15 Luxury Palace reveals itself as a hidden treasure. Initiated in the 16th century, this sumptuous palace was born from the harmonious union of several neighboring opulent houses, then known as Lubomirski Palace. It was only in the 21st century that the luxury hotel H15 Luxury Palace took shape, merging historical charm and refined modernity.

© H15 Luxury Palace

At the heart of this sanctuary of luxury proudly stands the Artesse restaurant, ideally located in the inner courtyard of the former Lubomirski Palace. Combining the brilliance of a rich past with contemporary design elements, this space also features exotic plants, thus embodying the audacious dream of the former owner, Princess Czartoryska, to transform this place into an orangery.

From an artistic point of view, the restaurant room is a perfect blend of classical and contemporary art, juxtaposing works by globally recognized artists with those from the private collection of the former palace owners. It's a true celebration of art in all its forms, where past meets present in an elegant ballet of culture and elegance.

© H15 Luxury Palace
© H15 Luxury Palace

Culinary Philosophy

The gastronomy of the Artesse restaurant feeds on the depths of Polish culinary traditions, skillfully harmonizing the legacy of past centuries with a contemporary approach, combining sophistication and elegance in the presentation of each dish.

© H15 Luxury Palace
© H15 Luxury Palace

The Artesse restaurant offers its guests two distinct tasting menus, tailored to both appetite and culinary adventure desire. These menus draw inspiration from high gastronomy Polish and European recipes whose origins date back several centuries. In the kitchen, a passionate and dedicated team comes alive under the expert guidance of Chef Mateusz Suliga. Leading his brigade with unparalleled expertise, he instills in each dish a modern vision of ancient recipes, thus creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

© H15 Luxury Palace

My Dinner

Comfortably settled in the elegant dining room, while admiring the inner courtyard, we are already charmed by the presentation of the menu, creatively designed like a sealed letter from yesteryears. Toasting with a glass of champagne, we decide on Set I menu.

Delicious appetizers are tasked with awakening our palate. Then comes the Ojcowski trout, a marvel of aesthetics and flavors, beautifully presented and colorful, complemented by a soft brioche. The feast continues with beef tartare, a Polish specialty presented here in its gourmet form.

The fish dish is a true ode to spring: a halibut fillet accompanied by asparagus, carrots, and delicate trout eggs. Before moving on to the meat dish, we savor an original gastronomic interlude around rhubarb, which revives our senses while waiting for what's next.

The Podhalanska lamb makes its entrance: it's a superb example of Polish cuisine reinvented, presented with meticulous aesthetic care.

The sweet part of our dinner begins with an absolutely delicious pre-dessert, which gives way to a stunning final dessert in aesthetics and flavors, harmoniously marrying chocolate, rhubarb, and marjoram. It's the perfect final touch for this exquisite meal. Of course, no gourmet dinner would be complete without petits fours, which we delightfully savor before slipping away into the night of Krakow's old town.

My Opinion

Our gastronomic experience within the H15 Luxury Palace was exquisite. The harmonious fusion of the palace's historical past and modern present, its culinary philosophy deeply respectful of Polish traditions, and the delicate ingenuity of each dish prepared by Chef Mateusz Suliga all contributed to making this evening unforgettable. Special mention for the presentation of the dishes which was impeccable from start to finish. In short, Artesse Restaurant is the ideal spot for a beautiful culinary evening in Krakow.

Practical Information

  • More information on their website
  • Open from Tuesday to Sunday for dinner
  • Set I menu priced at 380 PLN (about 83€)
  • A big thank you to the Artesse restaurant for the invitation to discover their establishment. Of course, I remain free in my words in this article!

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