Toro Toro Dubai: A Culinary Journey in Latin America

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

Located on the edge of the marina, the Toro Toro restaurant flourishes as one of the culinary gems of the Grosvenor House Hotel, showcasing a range of flavors from the heart of South America, including Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. The menu, finely crafted by renowned chef Richard Sandoval, offers the best of Latin cuisine with authentic ingredients, all paired with cocktails or wines with Latin notes. The absolutely stunning setting thus completes an incomparable gastronomic experience.

A Restaurant in the Heart of the Marina

Located within the Grosvenor House Hotel, one of the jewels of Dubai's 5-star hospitality, this enchanting and serene setting offers a view of the bustling marina and the constant ballet of boats. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by imposing steel bulls standing guard at the entrance, powerfully evoking the vigor of Latin America.

The interior decor, on the other hand, extends this invitation to travel: warm hues like chocolate tones blend with large solid wood tables, inspiring a sense of conviviality and authenticity. The dining room, elegantly open, houses a spectacular central kitchen. It is a true culinary theater that is presented to the guests, allowing them to observe the chefs at work during dinner.

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© Toro Toro Dubai
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© Toro Toro Dubai

Richard Sandoval: a World-renowned Chef

Chef Richard Sandoval has established himself as an essential figure in contemporary Latin cuisine on a global scale. His career, as diverse as it is inspiring, encompasses various facets such as television and culinary book writing. He is internationally recognized for his innovative approach, which combines Latin ingredients with modern culinary techniques.

On the Plates

This delicious restaurant pays tribute to traditional grilling called churrasco but also offers the opportunity to discover other Latin American specialties such as hot and cold antiojitos. And although it is a preferred spot for meat lovers, there is also fish on the menu, such as grilled octopus or seabass.

Once comfortably settled on the terrace, we started our dinner with the octopus al olivo (leche de tigre sauce, avocado, crispy quinoa) accompanied by short rib tacos (peanut sauce, grape reduction, avocado), a real treat to whet our appetite. We continued with the beef cheek cooked for 8 hours, red wine sauce and creamy polenta, a dish with delicious flavors and ultra tender. The Australian lamb chops (mustard, orange, chimichurri, achiote and aji panca) were also a real treat, not to forget the sweet potato fries of course!

On the dessert side, we have chosen a fruit platter (to reassure ourselves that we are being reasonable ^^) and the famous Toro Toro tres leches (passion fruit sorbet, mango whipped cream & red currants), a perfectly sweet creation to beautifully conclude this delightful dinner.

As for drinks, the cocktails also have Latin flavors, for example with mixes based on Tequila and Rum, for a tasty result. We preferred to opt for red wine from Argentina for the gentleman and from Chile for myself, both strong and perfect to accompany a good red meat.

The Verdict

In a breathtaking setting, the Toro Toro restaurant offers a unique taste immersion in the heart of authentic Latin American cuisine. My visit was marked by the excellence of the service, which combines professionalism and friendliness, all in an original and beautiful setting. As for the gastronomy, each dish served was able to awaken my senses but a special mention must be given to the grilled dishes which were simply exquisite.

Practical Information

  • More information on their website
  • Open every day from 7 PM to 1 AM
  • Brunch on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm
  • A big thank you to Toro Toro Dubai for the invitation to discover their establishment. Of course, I remain free in my comments in this article!

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