Foxhill Manor: Chic Family Home Ambiance in the Cotswolds

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

We continue our tour of the UK with the Cotswolds region, featuring the stylish British countryside with adorable pastoral villages and luxurious houses of days gone by. Only ten minutes from the village of Broadway lies Foxhill Manor, a luxury boutique hotel with only eight rooms! A guarantee that it’s truly exclusive!  But above all, the Manor has its own vision of what it means to be a luxury hotel, making it a unique place that I’ll introduce to you today!

Not far from Broadway is the Farncombe Estate, a haven of peace and greenery with three excellent establishments to spend the night: the Dormy House, Foxhill Manor, and the Fish Hotel. Foxhill Manor, our choice for the night, offers a one-of-a-kind experience, halfway between a luxury hotel and a family home. As we arrive, we’re greeted by an imposing black doorway. We advance our car onto a small driveway alongside a breathtaking building, constructed in 1909. It’s a remarkably charming place, with an aristocratic style befitting this upscale region where many London-based families own secondary homes.

An Atypical Luxury Hotel

It’s no surprise to see the plaques near the entrance indicating that Foxhill Manor is part of two prestigious luxury hotel groups, including “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” and “Pride of Britain.” We can tell as soon as we’ve arrived how original the establishment is, being welcomed like we’re right at home. We’re greeted warmly before being seated in one of the lounges, where we enjoy some refreshments and take in the atmosphere.

A bit of an explanation is in order: Foxhill Manor has a very different approach to luxury hospitality. No predefined rules here – the motto is “what you want, when you want it.” It reminds me of the concept at the Glencoe House, a hotel we absolutely adored while traveling in Scotland a few years ago. Here, we feel like we’re welcomed into a family home, but with hotel staff there to help us enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Before heading back to our room, we take a tour of the building to explore the house’s secrets, and there are a few! Walking through the halls, we discover some cozy nooks and crannies, perfect for curling up with tea and a good book. As for the décor, it seems to have been directly lifted from ELLE magazine: flawless taste, a modern, trendy style, and retro chic furniture.

My Room: the “Chestnut”

We head to one of the largest bedrooms in the building, called “Chestnut.” Located in the southwest wing of the first floor, it’s very brightly lit, despite the rainy April weather. The 70 m² room includes a king-size bed with canopy, a cozy space with a chaise longue (perfect for relaxing), and a dinner table. To top it all off, there’s a very modern bathroom with a shower and bathtub. The room is awash in creamy pastel colors, punctuated with lively green accents. In short, we 100% approve of the style!

Dinner for Two

For dinner, we continue with the recurring theme of the house, meaning that we can choose where we’ll dine and what we’d like to eat. There’s no menu here – we go to the kitchen in the afternoon to speak with the chef, who will create a unique meal for us tonight. We take a look at a large blackboard featuring a list of local ingredients available for the day, and the chef guides us as we make our decision. And the icing on the cake? We even get to choose our own bottle of wine directly from the wine cellar!

We’ve noticed a lovely little nook near our room, so that’s where we’d like to have our meal tonight. As an appetizer, my husband has a plate of oysters while I have a crab salad; for the entrée, a duck breast fillet for him, and a delicious light dish of fish and vegetables for me.  It’s a real pleasure to spend our evening this way, disconnected from the world in our own private lounge where we enjoy the hotel’s absolutely charming cuisine!

Breakfast à la Carte

The following morning, we’re again surprised to learn there’s neither a menu, nor an end time for breakfast service! How wonderful to be able to sleep in before heading downstairs and ordering whatever we’d like to eat! We can enjoy our breakfast at 11, which is an impossibility in more conventional hotels—even luxury establishments. First we’re served typical breakfast fare: berry smoothies, fruit salad, Greek yogurt with delicious muesli, and croissants. Next, it’s up to us to order whatever we’d like! So we’ll take an omelet to finish off our fantastic breakfast, while enjoying the view of the still-misty countryside.

The Verdict

Foxhill Manor is not your average hotel! I really enjoyed the family home ambiance in which we were welcomed, while still benefiting from an excellent service staff. The difference between this and other high-quality hotels is that the atmosphere here is much more informal, from the extremely friendly service to the freedom to do what we want, when we want. Not to mention the beauty of the location, the perfect complement to a completely relaxing weekend in the heart of a region which already has so much to offer.

I loved:

  • Freedom and flexibility: it’s really the best feature of this luxury establishment.
  • The décor is impressive: flawless taste!
  • The personnel is extremely friendly, not invasive but very likeable
  • I disliked:

  • It took a while for the chef to guide us in making our choice for dinner. The concept is fantastic but a bit unsettling, and we would have liked a bit more guidance.
  • The Dormy House spa is accessible to guests at Foxhill Manor, but it’s a bit of a trek to get there…
  • Practical Information

  • More information available on their website.
  • Chestnut Room available from 549£ (about 625 €). This includes the cost of breakfasts, self-service snacks in the lounges, and the shuttles for Dormy Inn and Broadway village. Dinner and drinks are additional expenses.
  • Thank you to the Foxhill Manor for the invitation to explore their establishment. Of course, the content of this blogpost was left entirely up to me!

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