8 Must-Do Experiences in Vancouver

Florence Consul

Florence Consul

If you follow me on social media, then you know that I began my road trip through the great Canadian west by first exploring the city of Vancouver. I was very interested in spending a few days here, where the quality of life is apparently among the highest in the world! In this post I’ll tell you about the 8 activities that you just can’t miss when visiting Vancouver !

Drive a luxury car down one of the most beautiful highways in the world

Calling all thrill-seekers and sports car lovers ! This experience is for you! For over two hours, you’ll have your fill of racing cars: a Ferrari Spider, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Nissan GT-R, and an Audi R8—not bad! Sitting in the driver’s seat of these magnificent cars, you’ll get a kick out of your luxury joy-ride while admiring the view along the Sea to Sky Highway, one of the most beautiful roads in Canada! I’ll tell you all about it in a review post, coming soon !

Check out the market on Granville Island

For a more relaxed atmosphere, I’d recommend going for a stroll through this lively market. While it attracts more tourists than locals, the products are truly mouthwatering! Fruits and vegetables, tasty meals on-the-go, bagels, cakes… you won’t know where to look! Stop by around breakfast time and make a few purchases before setting up a picnic farther down the road. To get to the island, check out the ferry that connects the market to the downtown area !

Explore English Bay

English Bay sits at the top of the rankings for the most beautiful urban beaches. Walking along the shoreline, you’ll bask in a vacation atmosphere, especially now at the end of June, when the locals take advantage of the beautiful weather to catch a tan.

Return to the city’s roots in Gastown

Gastown may be the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver, but today it’s a trendy part of town with its designer boutiques, stylish coffee shops, and swanky restaurants. For coffee, I recommend trying out Revolver Coffee or Nelson the Seagull; for lunch, Finch’s Tea House is a popular stop in the area. And if you feel like a burger, consider a trip to Pourhouse Restaurant !

A bit of culture at MOA

Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology is ideal for perfecting your understanding of local culture. There you can find temporary and permanent exhibits, and even enjoy a guided tour if you’d like to a more in-depth visit !

Go for a bike ride in Stanley Park

It’s the experience you cannot miss if you’re traveling in Vancouver. Rent your bike at Spokes, and in a few minutes you’ll be winding down the bike path that circles the entire park. It’s incredibly beautiful, with the path running right alongside the sea. It really is a lovely bike ride, feasible even for novice cyclists, so make sure you don’t miss out !

Enjoy some sushi

Vancouver is home to many Japanese immigrants and their descendants (1.3% of the population is of Japanese origin). So let me tell you, if you like sushi, this is the place to be! I decided to go with Minami, one of the city’s best restaurants for fusion sushi (and while I despise that exotic sushi that can be found everywhere except Japan, this sushi is excellent and relatively “conventional”). Miku Restaurant is another well-known sushi eatery that’s apparently worth the trip!

Go out in Yaletown

The stylish neighborhood of Yaletown is particularly active in the late afternoon or evening, when people rush in to grab a drink or dinner. The options are numerous; I would recommend The Flying Pig or Homer Street Café and Bar, where we enjoyed fantastic food !

The Verdict

I absolutely fell in love with this city! I have to say that after two months in Bangkok, I really needed a return to nature, and I very much appreciated that Vancouver is a big city that’s close to the great outdoors. It’s a lovely place to spend some time, so if you want to take a road trip through Western Canada, think about beginning your journey in Vancouver !

Practical information 

  • Scenic Rush : The Sea to the Sky experience offers 4 amazing cars for a 2,5h drive (595€).
  • Granville Island
  • Revolver coffee
  • Nelson the Seagull
  • Pourhouse
  • Finch’s Tea House
  • MOA
  • Spokes bike rental
  • Minami
  • Flying Pig
  • Homer Street
  • Tempted by Vancouver ? Have you ever been in this city in Canada ? Feel free to send me your comments or questions by posting them on social media.

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